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When you are looking for the best price for gas and electricity tariffs in your area, look no further. Simply enter your postcode and you will be directed to an Ofgem Accredited comparison site, and we promise the results will be shown in your favour!

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 Expensive energy prices

When you compare your energy prices, you are taking a positive step toward taking control of your bills. There are still far too many people paying expensive energy deals, by remaining on their gas and electricity suppliers standard tariff.

Standard energy, is the default tariff which your supplier places you on. This is good for the energy supplier, but not good for the consumer.

Take matters into your own hands

The only way you can be sure of finding you cheapest tariff, is by taking things into your own hands. Comparison sites are designed to assist you with this.

Getting energy quotes

You could visit all the suppliers for an individual quote. But this is a very time consuming way to compare your prices.

Compare  with all the suppliers in one place

When you compare your gas and electricity prices through an internet comparison site, you will be able to see all the energy suppliers prices on all their different tariffs, all in one place. This gives you a much better advantage, from there, you can choose the deal which suits you best!

When you compare  prices, you get quotes for:

Scottish Power





Scottish Hydro Electric

Southern Electric

British Gas

Scottish Gas

First Utility

Good Energy

OVO energy

And more

This comparison tool compares all these suppliers tariffs.

It is a very simple process to switch your energy supplier. Nothing physically changes.

I am sure you already know this, but – you keep all the same pipes, the same wiring. You keep your current gas and electricity meters, unless your new supplier wants to install a new smart meter. Changing meters is not much more hassle than changing a plug.

Your new supplier will do everything for you. They will contact your old supplier to let them know you are switching. The only thing you need to do, is provide your meter reading on the day of the energy switch.

You old supplier will send you your final account based on the meter reading you have provided.

And of course, it’s free. We don’t charge you to compare  prices. And there is no charge for switching your gas and electricity supplier

More information on energy switching:

What happens when you switch supplier?

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 4 reviews
by Ian Porter on compare energy prices
Never had a problem

I have lived in this house for 13 years and changed supplier 6 times. I always sign up to a fixed tariff and never let my tariff revert to a standard one.Until 3 months ago I have only used electricity, had no gas supply at all because I had coal fired central heating. In July 2016 I had gas connected to my house, an A+ gas boiler fitted and ditched the coal.I am very "savvy" about billing. I use a spreadsheet to constantly track my usage, also known as taking meter readings. I always know my daily standing charge and my unit rate. Your supplier will always have this available for you.I had the misfortune of working for npower as a customer service adviser on their prepayment help line. I really do understand how prepayment and credit meter billing works. For goodness sake, please ditch that prepayment meter if you can, or just accept that you'll lose an arm and maybe a leg by sticking with it.I take my own meter reading (electricity) at least monthly to coincide with my billing cycle. Using an online account makes this very easy, you get email but I diarise this and do it myself anyway.Electricity billing is generally very easy for credit meter customers, prepayment less so. You have a daily standing charge and a price per kWh.My current supplier is Extra Energy. Their billing is appaling/non existent. However I have always known exactly what I owe. Their website allows you to change your direct debit, this is the first supplier I have used that lets you do this, up or down. They have also increased AND reduced my direct debit themselves. In two years of using them I only had to contact them once, to make a top-up payment before you could do it online. I deliberately built up a credit of £100 or so, and to my surprise they actually stopped taking my direct debit for two months to compensate for this!I am now leaving Extra Energy for a cheaper supplier, a "new kid on the block" called "Iresa". I have no worries at all about this, I'll just be paying a very very low rate, unbeatable as far as I can tell and it is even £112 a year cheaper than ultra cheap Extra Energy. (based on 3700 kWh per annum)I have a nightmare story about British Gas, who I used for my newly connected gas supply. They connected us and fitted a meter for free, so far so good. Within 2 weeks of using them and them offering me a fixed tariff, I shopped around. I found that npower was a huge £172 a year cheaper than British Gas. I expect to be an average user of gas at 12500 kWh per year. I could hardly believe how high a tariff British Gas had put me on.Fifteen years ago I used to be a door to door "Energy Adviser" for TXU, they actually went bust because they sold energy too cheaply. At the door I was stunned how many people stick with British Gas because they trust them and wouldn't even consider switching. Those are the people who overpay by horrendous sums of several hundreds and even thousands of ponds. I was able to quote one customer a saving of £2200 a year and he declined. I would have received a bonus of £6, six pounds, if he transferred.Verdict: If you can, use an online account and add meter readings at least monthly. If this is impossible for you, try a member of the family or friend to help you do this.

by margaret on compare energy prices
lowest energy prices

This site is amazing. I am a member of the tariff watch scheme. I no longer worry about my energy prices. Every time my prices go up, i get advised about my best options

by Pearl Harries on compare energy prices
Energy advice

Thank you so much for all the time and trouble you have taken in helping my husband and myself with this issue. The concise and clear way in which you have set out the calculation has made is very easy to understand, and we are now more settled and feel more at peace to continue with npower. I only wish npower had made things that easy for us!! Never mind, we all live and learn in various ways.
It has been a pleasure being in contact with you, and we send our very best wishes to you.
Kind regards
Pearl Harries

Best energy comparison site

This is my own personal review for this energy comparison and supplier switching facility. I think it's great because it's very straight forward to use, and you don't get bogged down with loads of emails trying to sell you, this that, and the next thing

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