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8th Nov 2012 OVO Energy review

Our energy expert Martin, reviews this fairly new energy supplier. Although OVO have been around for a few years now, they still have a long way to go before they start to get things right for the consumer.

If you are looking for reviews for OVO energy because they were the cheapest fixed price tariff, you have arrived a bit late. Most of the energy suppliers have increased their prices, and removed the best fixed price deals.

If you want to get a fixed price deal. It will only be worth your while if you get one which lasts for more than 12 months.


Good Priceyes
Immediate discountyes
Available to Home ownersyes
Available to tenantsyes
Available on Pre-Payno
Get out penaltyyes
Limited availabilityyes
Fixed pricethey have fixed price deals
Would I take it?no
Where would I get it?I wouldn’t

For: Initial price is ok in many cases

Against: Problems with the switching process

 ovo energy review by martin

OVO Energy are a new gas & electricity supplier in the UK. If you have any concerns about getting your energy from a new supplier, I wouldn’t worry about it too much.
As a new gas & electricity supplier, they will be trying their best to get things right. After all, they do want to be successful in the energy business.
I don’t doubt that OVO energy will always try to get things right, and they may not always get things right. But on the positive side, they are drawing in new customers by offering a good price. You should take advantage of any new energy suppliers who do this.
If OVO energy fail to succeed, and their business falls apart, your energy account would be taken over by another supplier.
You have nothing to lose by joining them! or have you?

That all said, this company are having problems with the switching process



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Tariff Notes
•15% renewable energy
•Prices fixed for 12 months
•UK based call centres
•Cancellation fees may apply
•Paperless billing
•Interest Rewards on Credit Balances
•Monthly payments for new accounts in Winter start a little higher than 1/12th of the total.

Tariff Discounts
Discounts above include VAT and are included in your savings and cost figures unless specifically stated otherwise.

OVO Energy Details
Ovo Energy are a new company to the energy market. Ovo’s aim is to help deliver great value gas and electricity and outstanding customer service to their customers. In addition their goal is to try and make renewable energy available to everyone.

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by Angela on OVO Energy review
Ovo bad service out of ours

I had a sign on gas meter say battery. I alled ovo who said couldnt do anything till my money ran out. Gave me a number thatwas for out of ours after 8pm. My gas supply ended up not working and i alled number they were closed and a message said for emergencys call 0800111999 callled this couldnt help only for leaks. Not happy have young child and it freezing. Poor service i ill certainly be changing suppliers after tommorrow.

Hello Angela. I rarely respond to customer reviews. But feel I should add, OVO did the right thing by giving you the gas network number. Your meter is the responsibility of the gas network. It's a bit hit and miss when your battery needs to get changed, this normally gets done during normal working hours.

by Martin on OVO Energy review
Not there yet

Low public opinion, and problems during switching process.


  • martins blog (#)
    November 25th, 2011

    Due to the large number of visitors to this page, I updated the review for OVO energy today.
    I feel I have a duty to my visitors to give reliable and accurate information. Now it’s your choice to decide whether to go with OVO or not!

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    March 10th, 2015

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