how much does it cost per kwh gas

 Updated. The price per kwh, or the unit price for gas

Price of gas per kwhvaries between regions. The easy way to find all the energy suppliers price per KWH and, all other tariff associated prices in your region. Also, there are hundreds of different energy tariffs. If you haven’t switched supplier in the last year, you are most likely on your suppliers Standard Tariff!

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Or simply just see the average current prices:

Standard Gas Prices

Discounted Gas Prices


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To enable us to give you the KWH rate you may be on, we need to know what region your property is in. Energy prices vary between regions!

You will find there are normally 2 charges connected with your gas prices.

In all honesty, I wouldn’t dwell to much on the KWH rate. Although the KWH rate does bear some relevance on the overall price, many of the online tariffs have other discounts on top of the KWH rate

Get quotes from one of the gas & electricity comparison sites by entering your postcode on the right to see all the suppliers KWH rates.

If you like to keep track of your energy spending, you may find our “How much usage do you get for 10 pence” tool useful. Just check each appliance you have at home, for its KWH consumption, and enter the figures into the calculator.

View an actual KWH pricing example

View a gas unit to KWH converter

Getting straight to the point – How much does it cost per KWH for gas?

Skip reading the explanation below, and visit one of the energy comparison sites. Enter your postcode, and your annual consumption if you know it.

This will give you prices for all the energy supplers – To get the KWH unit rate for gas and electricity, click more information next to each tariff name!

  • With a 2 tier tariff, you pay a more expensive rate for the first so many kwh per year – say 6 pence per kwh for the first 4000 kwh per year. Then the remainder of your units will be charged at a lower rate – say 3 pence per kwh The average consumption for gas in the UK is 16500 kwh per year.



  • If you pay a standing charge, then you will pay a per day rate for the supply of your gas – say 18 pence per day, and the same rate for all the units you use – say 3 pence per kwh.

There are a number of ways you can find the KWH prices. But the simplest way is:

Visit a comparison site to get personal quotes based on your postcode area, and energy usage

Do a price comparison, and you will be presented with all the energy suppliers prices for your area

All the energy suppliers charge different rates in different regions for gas. If you want to find the cheapest rate for gas in your area, then you should get a price from all the energy suppliers, then choose the one which suits you best. You could visit all the energy companies web sites to get individual quotes from them all. That would be quite a long winded way to go about it. If you go through a Consumer Focus accredited  comparison site they are constantly being updated with all the energy prices for all the different regions. You would only have to make one request to get quotes from all the suppliers.

Good luck with everything. If you need any further information, please leave a comment below!

These are the major energy companies online and standard gas  prices per kwh on the second tier tariff. This is the price you pay for the bulk of your gas supply. You will have an additional charge also – either a standing charge or a higher rate for the first so many kwh, which really just covers what would be a standing charge!

Click on the suppliers name if you want to visit Their website

Top Tip:

If you don’t know how much you are paying per KWH for your gas, there is a good chance you are paying standard energy prices.

Follow these steps to find out what you are paying:

You are not switching supplier by doing this, you are just getting quotes!

Click here, then enter your postcode

Enter your information where required –


The following KWH prices may not apply to your region

Prices were calculated in the Scottish Power region.

updated November 2011

updated January 2012

Current gas prices per KWH in Scottish Power region

SupplierOnline Discounted RateStandard Rate
get quotes for scottish power and all the other suppliers3.592p + £92.75 per year
This is no standing charge option, but calculates at the figures shown
3.884p + £100 per year
get quotes from npower3.387p + £185.12 per year3.87p + £144.12 per year
get quotes for British Gas and all the other suppliers4.03p + £85.64 per year4.119p + £89.20 per year
get quotes from eon4.113p + £105.40 per year4.334p + £100 per year
get quotes for edf and all the other energy suppliers3.94p + £95.80 per year4.244p + £95.80 per year
get quotes for SSE group and all the other energy suppliers
SSE group includes:
Hydro Electric
Southern Electric
Atlantic Energy
Marks & Spencer
3.791p + £60 per year4.221p + £60 per year

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I thought i was going to be confused with this kwh thing when i was looking for the cheapest supplier by the kwh price. But after reading everything on this page, i found it very informative. I just used your comparison site to switch supplier. I seen what you mean about the discount on top of the kwh price. Many thanks for this


Thanks for this, I didn't realise there was such a difference from standard prices to internet prices. I ended up getting a quote and switching my supplier. It looks like I will save about £300

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    • Where some tariffs incorporate a standing charge, others charge a higher rate for the first so many KWH’s. This is to cover other costs, such as maintenance of power cables and equipment in your local area.

  1. why is there a higher rate for the first so many Kwh per year? you replied but you did not stated the upperlimit of the higher rate. Is it the same for all the companies or diffrent for different companies? Is every one aware of this?

    • Hi, thanks for your question. All of the energy suppliers have a charge which is equivalent to a standing charge. This is to cover other charges, such as maintenance to networks like cables, meters and gas pipes.
      When a supplier supplies your energy on a no standing charge option, you pay a higher rate for the first so many KWH’s of energy you use. This will be enough to charge you what would have been a standing charge.
      There is no upper limit for this. Some suppliers charge more than others when their standard rate per KWH is quite low.
      It’s just as well that comparison sites exist. They will give you the total price you pay, including any standing charges. This allows you to get like for like quotes for the energy you actually use!

  2. the standing charge should be the same price at all the company’s and a rate per kwh so we can work it out easy . but they don’t want that do they