eon fixed price april 2013

Is E.ON fixed price 2013 a good deal?


Energy expert Martin takes an in depth look at
this tariff, and awards a rating based on price – discounts –
length of tariff – other services provided with tariff.

Due to this suppliers price and services offered
with this tariff, it has been awarded

EAS rating 55/5

Yes. This tariff is a good deal!

E.ON Fixed Price April 2013
If you’re worried about the cost of your energy and you want reassurance that your prices won’t rise, then E.ON Fixed Price April 2013 is for you.

This great deal offers security that your prices will remain fixed until 1 April 2013. At no extra cost to  E.ON Energy Plan price as at 13 September 2011

What to do now:

In many cases, comparison sites are not able to work out all the cost’s associated with the supply of gas and electricity. For example:

Although comparison sites use the energy suppliers prices to determine who would provide you with the best deal, They wouldn’t know if your property would be liable for an extra charge on your gas supply through Independent gas transporters

Be certain of getting an accurate quote for this tariff by going direct to E.ON

Or, get quotes from all suppliers by entering your postcode in the right hand column.


Enjoy peace of mind knowing energy prices are protected until 1 April 2013

Tesco Clubcard

You could earn Clubcard points for payments made on domestic energy


Pay by fixed monthly Direct Debit and get a 8% discount off your Fixed Price bill for dual fuel


Tariff Notes

  • Prices will be Fixed for Two Winters. Whatever happens to energy prices yours will be fixed until 1 April 2013.
  • Tesco Clubcard points are available
  • IGT charge applicable if your gas is piped in by an Independent Gas Transporter
  • Customers can manage their accounts on line and get paperless bills
  • Following your E.ON Fixed Price end date of April 2013 E.ON will switch you to a similar plan or E.ON EnergyPlan.
  • Cancellation fees apply: £80 for dual and £30 for single electricity

Updated information 24th August 2011

  • Fixed electricity and gas prices until 1st April 2013
  • No extra cost to E.ON Energy Plan
  • Price as at 13 September 2011*
  • Pay by fixed monthly Direct Debit and get a 8% discount off your Fixed Price bill


* Prices are fixed at our standard E.ON EnergyPlan rates (as at 13/09/2011) until 01/04/2013. Your prices will not change from the contracted price within the term of your deal. Prices are fixed subject to regulatory or VAT changes. Available to Dual Fuel and Single Electricity (no mains gas) customers on standard and Economy 7 meters only. Excludes prepayment, Heatwise and restricted hour tariff meters. If you leave this product before 1 April 2013 you will be charged a cancellation fee of £30 and will not receive discounts on your final bill. Following the end date of 1 April 2013, we will switch you to a similar plan if available, or to our standard E.ON EnergyPlan product. We will contact you in advance to notify you of your new terms and conditions and prices.


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