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EDF Blue + Price Promise review

EDF Blue + Price Promise

EDF Blue + Price Promise

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            • - Straight forward to switch to
            • - Fixed price
            • - No get out penalty
            • - Very cheap
            • - Online Account Management


            Review for Blue + Price Promise from EDF Energy

            Main points on this tariff

            1. No get out penalty
            2. Fixed price deal
            3. EDF will inform you if another supplier can beat the price by £1 per week
            4. Get it direct from EDF to avoid sharing your personal details with a third party. EDF Application form and more information on the EDF website

            At Energy Advisory Service UK, we review all the energy suppliers tariffs based on our experience with the energy industry

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            EDF Blue + Price Promise


            Good price Yes
            Fixed price Yes
            Reliable Supplier Yes
            Full discount immediately Yes
            Dual fuel or single electric Yes
            Other benefits Yes no get out penalty

            I can’t remember the last time I put so many yes’s against a tariff.

            The Blue + Price Promise does tick all the right boxes. The fact that this deal is showing up as one of the cheapest available, makes it very attractive. You would normally pay a higher price for a fixed price tariff.


            It is very unusual to find a fixed price with no get out penalty. I would say that EDF are bidding hard for your business.


            The pro’s:

            1. Fixed price (no increase until end of tariff term)

            2. No get out penalty

            3. Amongst the cheapest on comparison sites

            4. Available to all new customers (except pre-pay)

            The con’s:

            1. None that I can see


            All information was correct at the time of posting.

            This tariff is suitable for just about everyone, but make sure you are not on a contract where you may have to pay a get out penalty.

            Martins’ verdict:

            On very rare occasions, a really great fixed price energy deals comes on the market. Sadly, they are not around for very long. As far as fixed price deals go, this is probably the fairest which has been made available. With no get out penalty, and the promise to inform you if someone else offers a deal which is £1 per week cheaper, they will tell you.



            At the end of the tariff, customers will be automatically placed on EDF’s Standard (Variable) tariff, they will be notified 30 working days in advance and given the opportunity to sign-up to another tariff of their choice

            Who are EDF Energy. French for this tariff, Bleu Ciel

            EDF are a French Energy Supplier. They took over the London Electricity Supply region

            EDF Energy is one of the UK’s largest energy companies and is also the UK’s largest producer of low carbon electricity. A wholly-owned subsidiary of the EDF Group, one of Europe’s largest energy groups, they generate around one fifth of the UK’s electricity and employ around 15,000 people. EDF supplies electricity and gas to around 5.5 million residential and business customers, making EDF the biggest supplier of electricity by volume in the UK.

            Over a quarter of the UK population benefit from EDF Energy’s distribution of electricity. As well as being an energy supplier, EDF are also a major generator of electricity.

            If you want to check out reviews I have given for other EDF tariffs, just click on the TAG for EDF below

            Blue + Price Promise September 2013 has been replaced by  Blue + Price Promise April 2014. Now June 2014

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            Illiteracy says it all.

            Jul 08, 2012 by Greg

            "dont go near EDF they are the worst energy company ever they jus coz i never payd my bill a few monts they put key meeta in"

            5* For EDF so far from me. We've been with them for a couple of years with no issues, touch wood!!

            EDF Blue Price Promise

            Apr 10, 2012 by martin

            I have awarded this tariff with 5 stars because it ticks all the right boxes. Well done EDF. Spot on

            5.0 5.0 2 2 LOL!"dont go near EDF they are the worst energy company ever they jus coz i never payd my bill a few monts they put key meeta in"5* For EDF so far from me. We've been with th EDF Blue + Price Promise
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            10 thoughts on “EDF Blue + Price Promise review

                1. martins blog Post author

                  Ps’ The Blue + Price Promise Tariff is available to existing customers, but the offer of the free amazon gift certificate is only available to customers who are switching from another supplier

              1. Martin Ramsey Post author

                Hi Andre
                Thanks for your question.
                A fixed price does not mean your monthly direct debit is fixed, it means the price you pay per KWH for your gas and electricity is fixed. If you consume more energy than estimated, you will have to pay for the extra energy.

            1. graham hughes

              i am currently with edf on a fixed price tariff until march 2014.
              if i switched i would save £43 per annum.
              this looks good but am i better staying on my tariff as it is fixed for 6 months longer than blue plus or am i missing something?

              1. Martin Ramsey Post author

                Thanks for your sensible question Graham.
                Stay as you are. Prices will be increasing before any of these tariffs come to an end. The 6 months would soon swallow up any savings you make.

            2. Dick Brittle

              Annoyed that EDF refuse to give me a quote over the phone today.

              Apparently they have received a large number of customer complaints regarding the time it takes them to answer the calls.

              So now I cannot get a quote from a human being, instead I am directed via their website.

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