EDF Energy Blue + Price Promise May 2014 review

Expert energy reviews: Blue + Price Promise May 2014

edf blueLucky for some. EDF have relaunched their most popular fixed price energy tariff. This time it is fixed until May 2014. This is good news for those who missed out on the previous Blue + Price Promise deals. I have it on good authority that most of the energy suppliers will be increasing their prices over the coming Winter. You can avoid these increases by getting yourself onto a fixed price deal now.

This is not something you will have time to consider doing. This is something that requires action now.

Here is an example of what could happen if you don’t switch to a fixed price tariff:

Assuming you are on a standard tariff, and pay about £1200 per year for dual fuel.

A 9% increase will make this £1308

At the time of this post, someone who currently spends £1200 will be able to get an online fixed price deal for around £1050

So before any price increases, you would already be saving around £150.

In reality, you would save more. Don’t forget, this EDF Blue Price Promise deal is fixed until May 2014. I’ll leave you to calculate your real savings over that term!

Cheaper fixed price deals

There are a couple of suppliers who may be offering a slightly cheaper price on their fixed price tariffs just now. However, consumer confidence is quite low for some of these suppliers.

EDF Energy are one of the UKs largest energy suppliers. They generate electricity in the London area. I don’t know if you noticed, but they provided all the electrics for the Olympic Stadium.


1. EDF Energy’s lowest energy price currently available – for the next two winters.
2. Fixed until May 2014, but if you ever wish to leave there are no termination fees.
3. Unique Price Promise – they’re so confident that you’re getting a great deal, they’ll tell you if they ever find another tariff that’s more than £1 a week – that’s £52 a year – cheaper (at typical use).
4. Hundreds of thousands of people have already switched to Blue – so don’t miss out, sign up to the new Blue+Price Promise May 2014 tariff today.
6.  They also reward their customer’s every month with Thank yous.

What would I do?

I would take EDF Blue + Price Promise May 2014, as it is one of the best fixed price options available today.

I would get it direct from EDF. This would save me from having to share my details with a third party comparison site


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Grab this tariff while you can

This deal ticks all the right boxes for a fixed price energy tariff. 5 stars are well deserved.
I don't have a preference for EDF. But when a supplier does the right thing for the consumer. Then I will give praise where it's due!


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