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Is energy cheaper from the Co-op?

co-operative energy logoAt the time of this review, Co-operative are promising to give a 2% discount on electricity, when all the other energy suppliers are increasing their prices. Sounds good, doesn’t it!

Or is it?

Their energy tariff is called Pioneer. Their prices are pretty much on par with the other Supermarkets which offer energy deals. These tariffs are based on Standard energy tariffs (Not the cheapest)

Cheapest energy deals

£4 Billion in energy discounts went unclaimed last year. The only way to ensure you are getting the cheapest energy deal is by getting unbiased quotes yourself.

Try it out. Just enter your postcode on the right and follow the prompts!

Price example

Average UK energy consumption is 16500 KWH for gas, and 3300 KWH for electricity

Total bill for Co-operative energy = £1180 of that, the cost for electricity is £474.51. the savings will be £9.49

The current cheapest online energy deal is £1042.

Co-operative price with the 2% reduction will be £1170.51

Would I take this energy deal?

See my star rating below for this tariff. If I have awarded less than 3 Stars, I wouldn’t take it myself

Prices were calculated using a postcode in the South of Scotland. You should get quotes based on your personal usage in your own postcode area.

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 2 reviews
by lili giacobino on Co-operative Energy review
Co-operative prices have skyrocketed

I have been a customers for years until I realised how I have been taken for a ride. By the end, they charged me £ 250 a month for gas & electricity for a 3 bed semi-detached. It's insane. I have now switched and pay an average of £ 80 a month with regular meter reading. I wish I have switched earlier, I would have saved a fortune.

Our experts review

Sorry, this is not for us. I think this is okay if you want to support the Co-op. But it's not the best deal for your pocket. Get unbiased quotes for all the energy suppliers.


Co-operative energy review — 2 Comments

  1. This is some feedback of coop energy after joining them jan 2012:

    Currently logged a complaint with the energy ombudsmen. Coop energy is very poorly managed or should I say ‘richly’ managed. My main issues with them are:
    signed up to an introductory offer. Confirmed verbally by call-centre, but not in writing. Bills were correct up to jan 2013, at which point a ‘manager’ wrote letter stating an external audit had revelaed a billing error and adjusted the account, wiping the introductory offer.

    Emailed them to express my ‘360 feedback’. Trouble is they don’t conduct their business in writing. No ackowledgements, or replies have been received, despite requesting escalation etc. The emails have been received because I have checked with their call-centre.

    So in summary, well trained call-centre staff. Poor IT system, but very rich management. Very ethical indeed.

    My 2-pence worth…. My old provider had it’s faults but at least was able to resolve them and respected me as a customer.

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