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Are ExtraEnergy any good as a gas and, electricity supplier?

Pro’s and con’s of getting your gas and, electricity from ExtraEnergy!

logo removedExtraenergy are very much the new kid on the block at the time of this post. As with any new energy supplier, there will, invariably be a learning curve. There have been quite a few new energy suppliers spring up since the privatisation of gas and, electricity. I don’t see how this one will differ much from the rest.

Extraenergy, promise to deliver low energy prices. But in all fairness to the other unheard of suppliers, they have all been making these price promises. Many of the new suppliers rarely hold on to their promises.

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What to do next

  1. Because this company is so new, I would leave other consumers to suffer the consequences of their learning curve. I wouldn’t take the risk of joining them at this early stage. I would most likely go with the next cheapest supplier .
  2. Find out which supplier offers the best service at the best possible price. See our recommendations below.

The safest option!

Ofgem, are the Governing body for comparison sites. All the comparison sites which are accredited by Ofgem are listed here.

You have come this far with your research, so don’t get it wrong now.

You will see that the comparison sites don’t offer a switching service for all of the suppliers. This is because, they either don’t pay a commission to the comparison sites, or some of them may not have paid their bill for commission due!


Some of the newer suppliers charge you in advance and, some of them have received very poor reviews.

Although you may be tempted to switch to the cheapest, please be careful.

I would most likely skip through the cheapest in most cases and, switch to one of the following suppliers cheapest online tariffs.

See our top recommended energy deal in your area (more….)

Are you sure you’re doing the right thing? (This is well worth a look at)

  • EDF Energy
  • First:Utility
  • SSE
  • nPower
  • E.ON
  • OVO Energy
  • Sainsburys Energy
  • Scottish Power

Ofgem Accredited Comparison Sites

If you are going to switch to a cheaper online energy deal, then use one of the Ofgem Accredited sites. They are governed by a strict set of rules which put the consumers needs first!

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This is a full list of the Accredited sites

Comparison SiteOur RatingsStatusGo There
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extraenergy reviews:

Quite a few customers have left reviews on the performance from Extra Energy. Please feel free to leave your review below!

Extra Energy statement:

Please ignore this statement. ExtraEnergy are not happy about it being here!

Extra Energy, a new entrant to the UK market, has one mission – to save you money on your energy bills.

Extra Energy aims to give customers the best energy prices in the market, while also delivering superior levels of Customer Service. Extra Energy can do this by combining their wealth of industry experience, with advanced technological systems. This means they can deliver maximum efficiency at minimum cost.


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Average rating:  
 596 reviews
by R.J.C. on extraenergy review
My recommendation

For people out there who have suffered long complicated complaint procedures against Extra Energy and have called on the intervention of the Ombudsman Service (energy). You might consider applying to O.S. (e) for a complete written record of your entire dispute process. You get a copy of ALL emails between all 3 parties and even C.Ds of telephone conversations you’ve had with staff at O.S. (e). You have to fill in an S.A.R. application form and pay £10-0 and wait 40 days but it’s worth it if you’re considering taking legal action. You might also get to see information regarding O.S. (e)’s final resolution that might not be released to you in other circumstances.By using this process I learnt that despite a long list of statements made by ExtraEnergy that stressed that they had correctly switched my account to them and that I was registered on the National Database as their customer, they had in fact attached my personal details to the disconnected supply of a non-existant caravan owned by a complete stranger who used to live at an address 4 miles from my home.

by Sarah handley on extraenergy review
Appalling service still owe me money

We moved to them as they were cheaper but I would definitely not recommend them. We switched supplier again in Janurary due to their poor service. We were constantly in credit but weren't allowed Our money back as they could only process a refund every six months. We asked to reduce our direct debit but we were told we weren't allowed to due to our usage, which did not make sense. We then transferred supplier on the 12th Jan 17. We entered both meter readings on the same day they said we didn't. They said there was a problem with our bill. I contacted them regularly but they couldn't say what it was just they couldn't produce a bill. I contacted the obudsman, they then said they had raised a complaint on our behalf, this was in March, nearly two months following the original switch. On the 20th April they sent me an email saying our bill had been generated, I checked account and we were £194 in credit. the bill was generated on the 5th April 17, There was no mention of when this money would be returned in the email and as of the 22nd we still haven't seen any money from them. It is now three months since we switched and we still haven't got this resolved. If we owed them money it would be a different story. Disgusting customer service don't touch them.

Stay Well Clear

Billing is ridiculous - Customer Service non existant - so frustrated I have left company during a fixed term contract and will have to pay £60 but I cannot be dealing with idiots like this.

by larry armstrong on extraenergy review

What a crazy billing system , on my account there has been in 3 weeks 6 billing transactions, On 22nd March I receive a bill on 23rd it is cancelld,24 March a bill is raised on the 12 April 2 bills are cancelled and on the 14th April a new bill is raised but it only covers the period to December, whilst the previous bill went to March. No one can give me an answer why also why the direct debit has been changed 3 times in as many weeks, WHAT A SHAMBLES I CANT WAIT TO GET AWAY

by graham bartlett on extraenergy review
extra energy fake bills to o.a.ps.

I wish I had not paid the fake bill from extra energy. I was warned not to,but it looked so real on solicitors headed paper with all the legal charges added on to it. I was with e.on., and still am.An expensive mistake. avoid extra energy at all costs. A scam company.

by Miss O on extraenergy review
Aviod Avoid Avoid

This energy company does not save you money, I had to pay 3 times as much as they guestimated in the beginning and a bill was not available for 6 months, only a small handful of customer agents are helpful but full of lip service, after a request of a Manager to call back after I had problems when I finally left for another supplier, no one available but was promised someone would call back within 24 hours, 1 week later im still waiting. Shocking!

by Miss A on extraenergy review
Worst energy supplier

Worst energy supplier I have ever had to deal with. I have a number of rented properties and extra energy sounded like a good company to work with to begin with, I was very wrong. They would send bills on accounts that had been closed, put supply on incorrect tariffs and send estimated bills when accurate readings were sent. Was all very frustrating, especially when you wanted to leave. Although some staff were friendly and seemed helpful the bills were a mess and you would get told different things by different staff which would confuse things. I would never recommend extra energy and urge to stay away.

by Chris Racey on extraenergy review
On their way out at last!

It seems that the world is going to be a better place - I've just been told that OFGEM is in the process of withdrawing Extra Energy's licence. Good riddance to the shambolic excuse for an energy supplier

Unbelievably bad

My email came through on 3rd of April to advise new bill was available, I pressed the link downloaded the PDF to see my monthly charge had gone from £63 to £283, considering I live in a small semi detached house with no dishwasher, tumble dryer or electric heating I am absolutely baffled, they worked out my annual usage to be over 20000 KwH per year!!!I grabbed the phone immediately and after going through all of this with a lady they passed me to connections to see if any savings could be made, I went on hold for 15 minutes and then got cut off , called back no answer!!, Called back in the evening no answer !!!Called back this morning told to give my number and they would call back, I refused and said this wasn't good enough and they put me through to connections, they couldn't help and said I needed to speak with someone else, got put on hold and again it disconnected and now no answer. I will not be paying them any claimed outstanding amount and will be cancelling direct debits. If anyone considering these please avoid as long term they will screw you over and not be available to talk when you want to get to the bottom of things as someone financially struggling and on medication for anxiety could do without these jokers!!!!

by Bryon gibson on extraenergy review

Just woke up this morning to check my bank only to find my DD with Extra Energy had increased by £40 a month to £113, ontop of that I find my daily standing charge has increased by over 150%Spoke to billing - didnt want to know, passed me to sales who could not help so asked to get passed to complaints and 3 times now have been passed on to a dead line - dont care if I have to pay more I want out of this mob's clutches.I use more power through the winter like most will and each spring they will increase the DD rather than let the bill balance itself out through the year which I though was the basis of paying monthly based on annual usage was supposed to do

by terry on extraenergy review
Worlds Worst Customer Service???

Familiar with changing energy suppliers but Extra Energy must be the absolute "pits". Used them for about 18 months without problem. When it comes to settling the account prior to change BEWARE.Customer service is impossible to access e mails to the MD and CEO go unanswered. No continuity of contact. Just receive bland assurances that matters are being dealt with.Conclusion.If you just want supply then no issues.If you have any issues FORGET IT you might as well whistle at the moon.

by w fieldhouse on extraenergy review
This company is a joke - without the humour

I have made two entries on this site about the inadaquacies of Extra Energy - and how they are a joke ! [ on the 19/12/16 & 09/01/17] - but there latest e mails from them to me - "took the biscuit".Basically over the last couple of months i wrote to them & said, i had worked it out approximately that they owe me £28.00, now i had left them.Well at the end of February, 2017 they wrote to me saying they had checked everything and in fact "they" owed me £1169.00. So, i wrote back to them saying that they were mistaken, but if they wish to give me an "ex gratia payment" for being treated so badly by them, they were more than welcome - thinking that they would review what they had sent.Honestly all i wanted was the £28.00 returning.They said i would received the £1,169.00 in about 21 working days [ - late March.I then received a further letter from the original e mail writer [about the 3rd of March] suggesting that "i" was incorrect and that he and a supervisor had checked my account - and no - they owed me £1,169.00, and it would be paid in 21 working days.Now i'm not sure how they can do this as i had cancelled my original DD several months ago, when they ceased to collect from it and closed the account with my bank as i found out that the way [E.E.] direct debits were set up - they - could take out hundreds of pounds if they so desire, without any recourse to me.So i am now in the position of not receiving £28.00, - but the "promise" of £1,169.00 by the end of this month [March] at the very latest.What a laugh - NOT !!About a week went

by Dorian Williams on extraenergy review
Avoid like the plague

I have been a customer since 11.9.15 and been trying to get out of a contract with them since February 16. They misrepresented that they could change my meter from economy 7 to a single rate meter to secure my business. When I realised this was a lie and they could not deliver, I tried to transfer but they blocked me and have blocked me a further 2 times. They ignored all emails and tel calls until I contacted the Ombudsman. They never delivered a bill throughout 18 months and are now seeking to charge over twice as much as my bill should be, claiming my readings are false/incorrect. I have photographic evidence of all meter readings and notes of all tel calls of conversations. I have never experienced such a shambolic level of service from any organisation. They are an absolute nightmare to deal with. I only contacted them after they had sent numerous emails touting for my custom claiming to be cheaper than other providers. This is palpably not true. If they don't like a particular email such as if you terminate the contract, they will claim not to have received it. The next step is starting county court proceedings but as I'm a litigation lawyer, that's no hardship. Do yourselves a great favour and don't touch them with a very long bargepole. I've had 15 months of stress, inconvenience and annoyance because of this company. They don't give a toss.

by David Panter on extraenergy review
Unhelpful No customer service

Was with them for 12 months, last bill 22/11/2016 left them 14/2/2017No final bill as they blame new supplier and say they have not received final readings - I have give them readings every month and also sent them final reading on 14/2/2017 paid them by direct debit and after paying final bill anticipate they owe me more than £80 - I will never use them again - without doubt they are the worst supplier I have had the misfortune to use

by K. Whitehouse on extraenergy review
Terrible company

I left my old address two years ago and after 6 months extra contacted me to say I owed a bill which was for less than a month. I called them and they could not tell me how much I owed and after 30 minutes they said they would contact me. 5 months later I received a bill for £53 and so asked them how they arrived at the amount because after 11 months I did not know my account details but they could not tell me. I asked to speak to a supervisor and explained the problem and went on to say I would ask ofgem to take the case to which he replied we will waive the amount and we are very sorry to put you through the problems. I have since changed my email company but occasionally dip into the old account and low and behold there was the bill again sent wo years after I had left and 13 months after being told that the account was closed and waived.

by Graham Egan on extraenergy review
Extra energy review

I had an absolutely terrible time with this company. I tried to sort out my billing for over 6 months however they would not even reply to any of my emails. In the end (After hours of emails and telephone conversations) they said that as I had been treated so badly due to the poor customer services, they would cancel my final bill of £143. I had this confirmed in an email and left them for another company due to my dissatisfaction. Six months later they called me on the telephone and emailed me to say that they now wanted the £143 bill. I explained that this was sorted and I have it in writing that the final bill was cancelled. They ignored this and sent my case to a debt management company. After nearly 8 weeks of many emails and telephone conversations where each time I spoke to someone different, they would not stop this. I then went to pass my case to the regulator. It was only at this point did Extra energy cancel this demand for the payment they had already cancelled 6 months before. They said they would also stop the debt agency from contacting me. This company caused me no end of stress and frustration and I would not recommend them to anyone.

by Angry, Newcastle on extraenergy review
Can't wait to leave

Have only been with them for 6 months. Both quarterly bills have been incorrect. I pay monthly so that what l owe through the winter cancels it out with the summer usage. Not with extra energy! They double your payments if you owe them money or you have to pay the balance outstanding and even then your monthly payment is increased. This is the first time l have encountered this. Will be leaving them as soon as my contract ends. Would leave now but don't feel inclined to give them another £60 exit fee.

by William on extraenergy review
dreadful and totally incompetent

Simply I would not recommend this company and I will certainly not be using it again.- Left the company after they could not switch my account on moving in to 'consumer' account from a business one.- Received first bill Months after leaving them with a standing charge of £79 (on top of a £22 bill)- Still waiting for a charge for electric bill (requested told 'it will come in the post')- I was told I could not complain given there is not a 'name' on the account. This suggests an appalling IT system given this should be possible with only the account number.(Inconsistent customer service ) - Customer service told me that they were 'Online only' even though I do not have an online account, then they told me that they do send bills

by Andrew on extraenergy review
Extra Energy

Should be Zero for rating.Reading other reviews and my experience with this Company I strongly suspect that they are deliberately following anti competitive policies in what is supposed to be a regulated market. I am going to my Member of Parliament. I hope all others who have (had) problems with Extra Energy take their complaints to their MP.

by david duncan on extraenergy review
unauthorised and unexplained hidden charges unilateral switching to standard variable tariff

I have queried charges on my bill, sent questing emails to ben jones nothing positive has been done other that treat my custom with disdain.Appalling company, appalling behaviour

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  • Martin Ramsey (#)
    October 21st, 2014

    It’s interesting to see that we are now getting some genuine reviews for Extra Energy