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Are ExtraEnergy any good as a gas and, electricity supplier?

Pro’s and con’s of getting your gas and, electricity from ExtraEnergy!

logo removedExtraenergy are very much the new kid on the block at the time of this post. As with any new energy supplier, there will, invariably be a learning curve. There have been quite a few new energy suppliers spring up since the privatisation of gas and, electricity. I don’t see how this one will differ much from the rest.

Extraenergy, promise to deliver low energy prices. But in all fairness to the other unheard of suppliers, they have all been making these price promises. Many of the new suppliers rarely hold on to their promises.

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What to do next

  1. Because this company is so new, I would leave other consumers to suffer the consequences of their learning curve. I wouldn’t take the risk of joining them at this early stage. I would most likely go with the next cheapest supplier .
  2. Find out which supplier offers the best service at the best possible price. See our recommendations below.

The safest option!

Ofgem, are the Governing body for comparison sites. All the comparison sites which are accredited by Ofgem are listed here.

You have come this far with your research, so don’t get it wrong now.

You will see that the comparison sites don’t offer a switching service for all of the suppliers. This is because, they either don’t pay a commission to the comparison sites, or some of them may not have paid their bill for commission due!


Some of the newer suppliers charge you in advance and, some of them have received very poor reviews.

Although you may be tempted to switch to the cheapest, please be careful.

I would most likely skip through the cheapest in most cases and, switch to one of the following suppliers cheapest online tariffs.

See our top recommended energy deal in your area (more….)

Are you sure you’re doing the right thing? (This is well worth a look at)

  • EDF Energy
  • First:Utility
  • SSE
  • nPower
  • E.ON
  • OVO Energy
  • Sainsburys Energy
  • Scottish Power

Ofgem Accredited Comparison Sites

If you are going to switch to a cheaper online energy deal, then use one of the Ofgem Accredited sites. They are governed by a strict set of rules which put the consumers needs first!

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This is a full list of the Accredited sites

Comparison SiteOur RatingsStatusGo There
UK PowerLove Heart
Ease of use
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Energy HelplineLove Heart
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extraenergy reviews:

Quite a few customers have left reviews on the performance from Extra Energy. Please feel free to leave your review below!

Extra Energy statement:

Please ignore this statement. ExtraEnergy are not happy about it being here!

Extra Energy, a new entrant to the UK market, has one mission – to save you money on your energy bills.

Extra Energy aims to give customers the best energy prices in the market, while also delivering superior levels of Customer Service. Extra Energy can do this by combining their wealth of industry experience, with advanced technological systems. This means they can deliver maximum efficiency at minimum cost.


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Average rating:  
 612 reviews
by Lorraine on extraenergy review
Liars and cheats!!!!

Cant even give a star for this shower of liars !!!Changed over from sse(sorry sse)!!! After constantly listening to people saying " change supplier and save money" martin lewis you need a slap!So did it on agreement that i oaid £61 month happy days saved 4 whole pounds!Oh what a mistake!!!Every year sse ended up owingME money last year over £200 but all of a sudden in 5 months i owe them £200!!!!!and this includes summer bills how?!?!?m!Now ive got to find this amount plus my bills then £60 to get out of contract....ive never had a reminder for a meter reading and yet my estimates( where do they get them from?) Where only a couple of pounds difference to my bill after reading meter!!!Please please dont go with these cowboys! Actually thats not fair on cowboys !!!!!!I learnt the hard way and cant see a way out They shouldnt be allowed to appear on any comparison site and dont want to give them a star but the lafy on payment line was trying her best and it wasnt her fault she works for morons!!!!!!!

by iain short on extraenergy review
Dont walk away ... RUN

COPY OF MY LETTER TO EXTRAENERGY 18/7/2017Extra Energy54 Hagley RdEdgbastonBirmingham18 July 201721 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxAccount Number : xxxxxxxDear SirI have received your demand for payment of £11.00Firstly may I say that leaving your company was one of the highlights of my year. Your customer service is dreadful, with staff trained to information trawl first and eventually ask what the poor bloody customer wants, all with a fine “dont talk just give us money attitude”.Your letter states you have sent a final bill, this is a lie, but have not received final payment of £11.00, this is only correct because you failed to send final bill. ie. you may wish to explain this to your staff.You further state you sent a reminder, this the second damn lie in your letter.You then launch into a series of threats – credit blocking, debt collection, debt collection agency, civil debt recovery plus costs. Not only are you liars but dishonest opportunistic bullies.Please find enclosed a cheque for £11.00, I hope you notice it was in an envelope without paid postage, this was because you failed to send a prepaid envelope.With my utter contempt and complete disregardIain Short

by Benn Robbed on extraenergy review

DO NOT USE... You have been warned by me and many others. After the first year of up a down prices for both electric and Gas The I could not changed to a fixed price and was kept on a variable rate. It went from £93 one month then £130 for few months Then £149, And just taking any odd amount out. After lots of unanswered phone calls and incorrect emails I left them. My last bill said I was £125 in credit but somehow in 2 weeks of leavingI still own them £93 !!!!!This was taken out my bank and I even had conformation from Extra Energy that my account was all paid up.I keep getting emails from them even though this is paid.Not worthy of 1 starDO NOT USE Extra Energy

by Robin on extraenergy review
Extra Awful ...

Without doubt Extra Energy are the worst company I have ever dealt with. They are incapable of correcting errors in their system and despite many many contacts with them promised action never happens, call backs never get made, correspondence never gets answered. If you see a 1 star rating from me it's because the review system would not let me enter zero. I would advise do NOT under any circumstances enter into a contract with this dreadful company. Truly awful ... totally incompetent.

by Trevor Smith on extraenergy review

I am a very patient man but this company certainly tested me.This is the worst company I have had dealings with. For over a year I have been trying to get a statement from the despite them taking DDs every month. Couldn't get anywhere on line as the same message appeared, informing me they hoped to get the site up and running soon - but they never did. I got nowhere with letters and emails. So today I am free from them and all their efficiency Such a relief.

by Mrs. Mills on extraenergy review

I would give -1000 stars for this total Mickey Mouse, corrupt, fullof lies, totally inept, completely deceptive, cowboy disgusting so-called 'outfit'!!! Ofgem have again most recently opened up an investigation case against them due to the HUGE number of serious complaints regarding EE!!! Just google Ofgem Extra Energy to see for yourselves!Extra Energy are con artists & fraudsters! Hand over your bank details to them at your peril, as you will be fleeced & blindly robbed! They are ABSOLUTE THIEVES! DO NOT EVER USE THEM OR YOU WILL BE VERY, VERY, VERY SORRY!!! They need to be fully shut down in the UK & heavily FINED & I will do everything in my power to make sure that this happens -BELIEVE ME!!!!!!!

by Ian Whyatt on extraenergy review
Do Not Go With This Company

I advise everyone do not go with Extra energy, i was with them for Two years. After one year they put me on there highest Tariff without letting me know then sent me an Email saying i was £1090 in Debt. When i queried this they told me a pack of lies that they had sent me Emails after the first year asking me what Tarriff i would like to go on. Because i had not replied to there Emails they had automatically put me on there highest Tarriff.I can assure you i did not receive any emails from them. I am now with another company paid them off on the 26/06/2017 in full. To my astonishment and disbelief, i have just received another email from them on 08/07/2017 saying i must pay my final balance of £1090 now or they will get the Debt collectors onto me. I have just rang them and when there adviser checked my records she apologised and said i had paid. Surely this should not happen i told her if i receive any more emails like this again i will be taking legal action against this company. So please, please avoid Extra energy like the plague.

by Sonia M on extraenergy review
Simply Appalling Service

Took over 20 months and the involvement of the Ombudsman to get a bill out of Extra Energy. No response to emails (I was silly enough to use their online form to raise an issue in November 2015 - I received a response from them in APRIL 2016 simply saying "please telephone us to discuss your query" - wasn't even sure what the query was after 5 months...Even though they issued the bill eventually in May 2017, they cancelled and re-issued it in June, then July and it is still wrong.Annual gas usage shown as 4 x the billed amount (which means my new supplier is now trying to set my direct debit based on an inaccurate annual usage figure).Out of a £600 bill, they agreed to apply the Ofgem code on back-billing (not billing for more than 12 months prior to date of bill) - credit for that was just £36.10 - no explanation as to how they worked that one out!They claim to have paid me compensation in April 2017 for poor customer service - well that never reached my account, and they won't respond to emails asking where they paid it to.Best avoided !

by David Panter on extraenergy review
No customer service

Joined them February 2016 left them February 2017 had two bills both cancelled - complained nothing happened - Ofgem contacted them have agreed actions 5 weeks later no response - I have a credit balance of more than £700 - I estimate they owe me £130 - best avoided

by E Overton on extraenergy review
if only I knew!!

If only I had read these reviews before I switched.No bill for 12 months, then constant debt collection agency letters and emails. Set up payment plan but they do not seem to count this!cant wait for my contract to end when I will definitely be switching again.

by G Lamplough on extraenergy review
I would give ZERO

If I could give ZERO I would. Incorrect meter readings. Wildly estimated final bill by them. Refusing to accept my meter readings even with photographs. Total waste of time trying to talk to them. Had to finally go to the ombudsman to get a resolution after months of demands from them even though I was actually in credit.Would not give any explanation why they disputed my readings and gave me an estimated final bill saying I used nearly a years energy in one 1/4.Absolutely shocking company. Needs to be shut down.

by Eric Debenham on extraenergy review
Inept and hopeless

Constantly over estimate our bills - were 5 years in credit at one point.. Took months to resolve - and then the following month they charged a whole years worth of usage again. DO NOT USE ExtraEnergy. They are just SO inept - words fail me...


Fairly good on price but that's about it, they ask for regular customers readings to ensure bills are correct, but if they don't like your reading they wont accept it, 3 times I have entered my reading but because its so much lower than they want the refuse to accept it. Will leave as soon as the contract ends and will be monitoring my balance very closly. Are there any energy companies out there that actually care about customers, no did not think so

by Norma Hart on extraenergy review

This company is the most appalling I have ever had the misfortune to deal with. Over 3 years ago I changed suppliers from EE because their customer service was so dreadful. I was in credit to them at that time and after several months of dispute they finally refunded what I was owed. A year later they told me (via email - they don't have my current address) that I owe them over £200. Of course I refused to pay and so they sold my 'debt' to a debt recovery agency who have bombarded me with demands for money. I have been in touch with EE who are now threatening me with a default notice. Please don't even consider using this company - you will, more than likely, simply be storing up an awful lot of problems you will end up having to deal with - possibly, as in my case, for years.

by Richard Emery on extraenergy review

Left Extra Energy in NOV 2015. I have just received a call from DEBT AGENCY to say that I owe £1.17 for electric. YES £1.17. I was still able to log in to the account and checked to see I was indeed in debt for that amount but upon checking the Gas found that was £5.24 IN CREDIT. Extra have not notified me of either balance and are STILL CHASING a £1 debt when it appears they owe me £4. Oh....... and they have added a £40 admin fee. CRIMINAL!!!!!

by N Fleming on extraenergy review
Awful customer service as standard

If you would like an energy company that never picks up the phone and never addresses questions asked of them by letter or email then this is the energy company for you. The prices aren't that competitive once you have Left the introductory rates and the customer services after or simply appalling I honestly wouldn't touch them with a barge pole again. To make matters worse the final bill I received was so complicated with lots of pretty pictures and diagrams that didn't explain anything I found this Company to be smoke and mirrors.

by R.J.C. on extraenergy review
My recommendation

For people out there who have suffered long complicated complaint procedures against Extra Energy and have called on the intervention of the Ombudsman Service (energy). You might consider applying to O.S. (e) for a complete written record of your entire dispute process. You get a copy of ALL emails between all 3 parties and even C.Ds of telephone conversations you’ve had with staff at O.S. (e). You have to fill in an S.A.R. application form and pay £10-0 and wait 40 days but it’s worth it if you’re considering taking legal action. You might also get to see information regarding O.S. (e)’s final resolution that might not be released to you in other circumstances.By using this process I learnt that despite a long list of statements made by ExtraEnergy that stressed that they had correctly switched my account to them and that I was registered on the National Database as their customer, they had in fact attached my personal details to the disconnected supply of a non-existant caravan owned by a complete stranger who used to live at an address 4 miles from my home.

by Sarah handley on extraenergy review
Appalling service still owe me money

We moved to them as they were cheaper but I would definitely not recommend them. We switched supplier again in Janurary due to their poor service. We were constantly in credit but weren't allowed Our money back as they could only process a refund every six months. We asked to reduce our direct debit but we were told we weren't allowed to due to our usage, which did not make sense. We then transferred supplier on the 12th Jan 17. We entered both meter readings on the same day they said we didn't. They said there was a problem with our bill. I contacted them regularly but they couldn't say what it was just they couldn't produce a bill. I contacted the obudsman, they then said they had raised a complaint on our behalf, this was in March, nearly two months following the original switch. On the 20th April they sent me an email saying our bill had been generated, I checked account and we were £194 in credit. the bill was generated on the 5th April 17, There was no mention of when this money would be returned in the email and as of the 22nd we still haven't seen any money from them. It is now three months since we switched and we still haven't got this resolved. If we owed them money it would be a different story. Disgusting customer service don't touch them.

Stay Well Clear

Billing is ridiculous - Customer Service non existant - so frustrated I have left company during a fixed term contract and will have to pay £60 but I cannot be dealing with idiots like this.

by larry armstrong on extraenergy review

What a crazy billing system , on my account there has been in 3 weeks 6 billing transactions, On 22nd March I receive a bill on 23rd it is cancelld,24 March a bill is raised on the 12 April 2 bills are cancelled and on the 14th April a new bill is raised but it only covers the period to December, whilst the previous bill went to March. No one can give me an answer why also why the direct debit has been changed 3 times in as many weeks, WHAT A SHAMBLES I CANT WAIT TO GET AWAY

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  • Martin Ramsey (#)
    October 21st, 2014

    It’s interesting to see that we are now getting some genuine reviews for Extra Energy