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Avro logoAvro Energy were new to the domestic energy market in December 2015. As with many of the new energy suppliers, they have entered the market with very low prices.

At the time of this review, we don’t have enough information to rate this supplier. We do wish them all the best in the energy market and, hope they don’t experience too many problems with the learning curve that many other new suppliers seem to let their customers down with.

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Switching energy supplier can be a good experience. It can also be a bad experience. It’s so easy to click the button which offers your cheapest energy deal. But, think twice before you do this. Don’t ignore the warnings, thinking it won’t happen to you!

This website attracts consumers who are looking for more information on a supplier before they switch to them. It also attracts consumers who are having a bad experience with their supplier.

We receive poor feedback for all the suppliers. We don’t expect any supplier to get things 100% perfect all of the time. But some of the suppliers receive 100’s of poor reviews.

You can reduce your risk of any problems by switching to one of the suppliers listed below and, by switching through on Ofgem Accredited Comparison Site.


Some of the newer suppliers charge you in advance and, some of them have received very poor reviews.


Although you may be tempted to switch to the cheapest, please be careful.

I would most likely skip through the cheapest in most cases and, switch to one of the following suppliers cheapest online tariffs.

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Ofgem Accredited Comparison Sites

If you are going to switch to a cheaper online energy deal, then use one of the Ofgem Accredited sites. They are governed by a strict set of rules which put the consumers needs first!


This is a full list of the Accredited sites

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Customer Reviews

If you have switched to Avro Energy, then please leave your review below. I’m going to start them off with a 2 star review. Once they have proved their efficiency in the domestic energy market, I will rate them accordingly.

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Average rating:  
 64 reviews
by Rob haslam on Avro Energy Reviews

just renewed for another 12 months as still the cheapest supplier. Customer Service is helpful and friendly would highly recommend

by Martyn Beeby on Avro Energy Reviews
Death To The Big 6

I was sick and tired of getting ripped off for my fuel bills. Avro came out far cheaper than EON who were my current supplier so I decided to take the plunge. What's the worst that could happen? We're getting ripped off in this country by the big 6 and it's time to make a stand. It's the same electricty/gas coming down the same pipes. Why should one charge more than another. Anyway, AVRO have been ace. Switch now ans save money. Death to the Big 6

by James Clark on Avro Energy Reviews
Six Star So Far

After several years with EON and always on their best deal I was faced with a huge increase. Based on price and reviews I chose AVRO, applied and held my breath with fingers crossed. I need not have worried because I have found AVRO to be excellent with communications, response time and assistance with the change of supplier.And when I found that a three times excessive gas meter reading had replaced the actual reading that I had submitted, AVRO were quickly on to the matter. They called me today to say that my meter reading has now replaced the wildly inaccurate reading that a 'validation process' had imposed. I have still to hear from EON on the same matter so AVRO win on communications.

by Dave Grainger on Avro Energy Reviews
How Energy should be

Switched over 6 months ago to Avro. Process was simple and went ahead as planned. I am saving over £25 per month from my previous company and know that I am with the cheapest supplier in the North West

Cheapest Supplier

Happy days with Avro just renewed for another 12 months as still the cheapest supplier. Customer Service is helpful and friendly a refreshing change from the larger companies

by Richard on Avro Energy Reviews
Avro - Poor service even before you switch

I had the unfortunate problem of a crossed meter and dealt with Jordan Armstrong Supply Point Administration at Avro Energy who left everything to the last minute. As a new entrant, how do Avro expect to win new customers if they take 2 weeks to respond to new customers email inquiries even when told of the problem in advance? I will not be switching to Avro any time soon.

by Lorraine on Avro Energy Reviews
Best Energy Supplier

Having switched supplier several times over the years I have to say Avro has been the easiest switch I've had!!!!

by Mohammad on Avro Energy Reviews
Excellent service - competitive prices

I switched to Avro in April 2016 from First Utility, which went very smoothly, and saved me 30% on electricity & gas prices. Their Simple & Fix tariff was excellent and the best in the market. I would have stayed with them if they also offered renewable tariffs, as I am now more environmentally aware and want to do my bit for the planet, and be able to look into the eyes of my grandchildren.

by Jennifer on Avro Energy Reviews
Excellent energy company

Switch to Avro earlier this year and haven't looked back. Smooth transition, didn't have to do anything once initial info supplied to them, and online portal easy to access. Great comms too as well as being cheaper. Use them!!!

by Gareth on Avro Energy Reviews
Staying with Avro

Spoke to the renewals team and they offered me a great tariff. I'm happy had no issues so staying with them for another 12 months

by Jim Maxwell on Avro Energy Reviews
Happy so far

Switched over yesterday as planned. Cheap prices and customer service is good. Sometimes can take a couple of days to get a reply by email but on the whole very happy

Unprofessional service

When my contract nearly expired, I tried to switch my supply to other supplier. But they keep on rejected my switching for many times after I had paid them all the balance. They allow my gas supply switch, but still rejected my electric supply. When I called them, they kept on lie to me that my new supplier did not send them reapplication. It is very unprofessional service.

by Marcus on Avro Energy Reviews
Would Recommend

I switched my gas and electricity to Avro late last year. I have been very happy with the switchover no issues and billing has been accurate based on my readings after receiving the reminder in the month. Have recommended Avro to friends and family


We are in credit with summer coming when we will use less electricity. Asked for refund, they said they would give what amounted to 2/3 of the amount but only 1/3 was given. Still waiting for the rest.

Renewed another 12 months

Been fantastic haven't had to get in touch in 12 months just spoke to the renewals department and I've renewed for another 12 month fixed deal!!

by John Haines on Avro Energy Reviews
Easy Switch

Switched to Avro Energy on the simple and go tariff. Took 5 minutes and saving me £50 a month than staying with EDF

Switched over but poor service

I switched over to Avro at the start of February and although DD was taken in advance which i was not aware of everything looked promising.I supplied all required meter readings etc on time, however 44 days later my previous supplier cannot provide me with a final bill due to Avro not agreeing on final meter readings with them - well to be more precise they have agreed on the gas and just not bothered to respond to the electricity one! They have tried to blame Npower on the delay saying they have not received neccessary information on my electricity meter etc, but I have spoken to Npower and this is not the case as all info requested has been provided. I have been promised a call back by the end of the week... not holding my breath.... if they dont call me by friday afternoon I guess I will be phoning them back again and probably going to be stuck in a phone queue for another 40mins! Wishing I had not switched to Avro now... if i had used someone else I would have had my final bill and money refunded by now! FUMING!!!!!

by Christine Playford on Avro Energy Reviews
Avro like to keep customers money

I have been with this company for just two months for dual fuel. My monthly Direct Debit far exceeds my usage. I asked for the amount to be lowered accordingly. I'm told by their customer service, that I can only ask for a review of my payments once I've been with them for between 4 - 6 months. It is I who has to make the request, they appear not to check and adjust accounts automatically if you are in high credit. I've been threatened with two lots of fines if I stop the Direct Debit in order to bring my payment plan in line with usage. I am sure if I owed them money they would soon adjust the Direct Debit to cover any shortfall.

by Judith White on Avro Energy Reviews

Excellent utility company, best I have switched to over the years. I am still paying the same price they quoted 12 months ago when I started. Definitely recommend.

by Jeff Hollingworth on Avro Energy Reviews
Good so far

Switched last September 2016. Much cheaper than edf. Pay £67 monthly for 3 bed house dual fuel. Yes paid up front but now £40 debit over winter so swings and roundabouts. Have not been chased for more money and should come out evens by end of summer. Billing/customer service excellent. No problems so far

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