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Is it safe to switch to isupply?

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isupply were a new entrant into the domestic energy supply market in 2012.  reviews are now starting to come in.  When they first started out, they were only supplying electricity.

isupply, now supply both gas and electricity to give you a dual fuel deal.

About new energy suppliers in general

It’s very complex to set up an energy supply business. Invariably, there’s quite a learning curve involved. When new suppliers appear among the cheapest on comparison sites, they tend to attract a lot of new business. This can cause a lot of problems if they don’t have enough employees in place to handle the various departments.

Would I switch to isupply?

The fact that this supplier is not getting great reviews would put me off.

Although you may be tempted to switch to the cheapest, please be careful.

I would most likely skip through the cheapest in most cases and, switch to one of the following suppliers cheapest online tariffs.

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Average rating:  
 34 reviews
by Gary on isupply reviews

I urge people not to deal with this TIN POT outfit.They do not know what they are doing.They will mess your duel fuel accounts up.I have ended up at the onbudsman because of their inability to get a simple switch sorted.

by Paul on isupply reviews
Review of I-Supply

Awful experience, terrible communication. STRONGLY AVOID!I moved address, sent them a meter reading the day after I left via email, and did not hear anything.I did not hear anything else and they put a default on my credit file.Stay with your existing supplier or if you move then ensure they are a well known and reputable company.

by Harry K on isupply reviews

Seriously, steer well clear of this energy supplier - they are abysmal. I've had problems with them from start to finish, with the issuing of incorrect bills, terrible customer service, not being able to close my account 2 months and counting after having switched suppliers due to a fault on THEIR part with no attempt to resolve the issue. Join if you want to spend hours on the phone to them getting nowhere - it really shouldn't be this difficult dealing with your energy supplier. They are horrific - do yourself a favour and pick ANYONE else in the market.

by susanne on isupply reviews

they maybe the cheapest but what they forget to tell you is their customer service is non existent. I'm buggered for a year now as they can't change a direct debit date, thats a first for me as ever company i know can change the date. as soon as i can i will be leaving them, they just want your money

by Zelie Lewis on isupply reviews
Worst energy company ever

Really the worst energy company I have ever dealt with... completely incompetent, wrong information throughout, have collected money a month ago for fuel they haven't even provided and haven't refunded me. Hours of calls. Just don't ever make the mistake of using them.

by Simon on isupply reviews
Groundhog Day.

I'm lost for words to describe how bad this company is. I left British gas in 1st Jan 17 but iSupply claim that they don't have the account. I can't contact them. I can't submit a complaint.It's like Groundhog day.BG say a company called "Contract Natural Gas" are now supplying me - I've never heard of them. Its like banging my head against a brick wall.

by Matt B on isupply reviews
Shocking plesse avoid

I applied to join I supply but cancelled within the 2 week cooling off period. However they have then proceeded to take a payment. This was over 3 weeks ago now and 2 phone calls and 1 email later i still haven't received my money back. In all honesty the money probably gone but if i can save 1 person the aggro ive had by reading this ill be happy. Avoid these like the plague.

by Andrew freeman on isupply reviews
A Joke

// ZERO STARS ////Moved on Jan 6th- provided final readings that day.Called to chase final bill repeatedly for 3 months, 'a stop on the account...system issue' blah blah blah. since then I have it, I am owed a few pounds. Soooo Isupply take £26 as a DD? then send me another bill for £12 - now getting overdue notices and my account shows £45!!Getting on for 4 months and well into double figures of complaining phone calls and emails and getting nowhere.NObody there has any clue what is going on - so much time wasted and so fed up of it. Changed energy suppliers at my new house 2 months ago, all sorted in a fortnight.A third of a year has passed and still can't get rid of isupply from my old house.AVOID!

by John on isupply reviews
Horrible administration

Isupply had the worse customer service experience so far.Their online portal is anachronistic, there is no email communication, no one answers calls when they do they assume the customer is at fault. I was presented with a bloated final bill after leaving and I still receive overdue messages even though I payed of the bills three months ago

by Jimjams on isupply reviews

NO STARSThis company are best avoided unless you want a load of AGGRO. I enrolled onto a community dual energy program with them last November. I had a small issue whereby I had had storage heaters and my electric had been on economy 7 three and a half years ago and I always have to explain this whenever I change energy supplier. I explained this to them prior to the program starting and they said it wouldn't be a problem and we will sort it out once the program has started.They have now gone back on their word and refuse to change me to a single electric tariff, which I estimate is costing me about £10 to £15 pounds per month. They say I can leave on payment of £60!! I feel stuck despite numerous phone calls and emails, which has now turned into a one way conversation as they have stopped replying to me. PLUS, I've reported them to OFGEM. Hopeless. So, if you want to save yourself lots of unnecessary AGGRAVATION best go somewhere else with your order. Plenty of other firms on the internet who will supply your energy as promised but sadly not this lot.

by Roger on isupply reviews
Inefficient and dreadful!

I soon realised during the cooling off period that isupply was a very poor provider, almost impossible to contact .When I did get through the people on the line were rude and unhelpful, would not admit that I had sent e mails or a letter cancelling the service.DO NOT use this awful company

by Peter on isupply reviews
Walt Disney company!

This is a terrible company, I signed up in March all on-line, then I discovered they charge you an upfront charge of your monthly payment (mine was £39 + £35 =£74.00) this is just an extra payment! it's not for energy. I tried to get in touch by phone but never get answer. email is impossible as I get informed to "phone". I found a number to phone, was greeted by a surprised voice who asked where did I get this number, I cancelled as I was just inside the cooling off period ( I was lucky) I asked if money would be taken out of my bank account and was assured "NO" guess what, it was but I had instructed my bank not to pay this company any funds and it was paid back in same day by my bank. Don't just take my account of this company read other reviews.

by james on isupply reviews

What a totally useless company customer service 0 out of ten 45 emails & 5 phone calls and still not sorted out . its only taken 4 months and still no gas .DO NOT CHANGE.

by Mark on isupply reviews

Put simply DON'T USE THIS COMPANY.This company has Zero customer service, argumentative arrogant belligerent staff, they LIE about situations, its always someone else's fault whatever happens. They don't listen to you, they just switch off, they are not interested in helping you and relatively simple things can take months of waiting and hours of phone calls

by NKELLY on isupply reviews
Outrageously overcharged

My mother has just went online to discover she has a bill for £15,0048.37!!!! This bill is just for gas for the year, apparently she is in credit by £21 for her electricity! She has a direct debt set up to pay £40 per month for both gas and electricity. How can a company, whom i have never heard of, charge this amount for gas for a 1 bedroom cottage, which has new gas central heating, is occupied by 1 person, who is out the house half the day? Thought I could call the company up after my work to resolve this matter which has caused my mother alot of distress but found they are only open to 5pm!! Outrageous!!

by Beryl on isupply reviews

I wish I hadn't been tempted by their 18 month fixed plan having previously been with them and found the customer service response appalling. It took two months to get my substantial overpayment refunded. So lured by the supposed cost savings I registered for the deal but changed my mind, they sent me lots of emails asking me to confirm my details and then out of the blue applied to take over from my new supplier. If you like a quiet life AVOID!

by David Sykes on isupply reviews
Awful customer service

Their computer systems have been awful and their customer service appalling. They couldn't even set up a new annual contract due to a "system glitch" then didn't even respond to questions through their online system. Incompetence on grand scale. Avoid.

by Paul on isupply reviews
The worst, most incompetent company i have ever had the misfortune of dealing with

Awful business to deal with. Overestimates on usage, ignored emails sent using their own website. 2 months after switching they still have my £200 credit balance. 'Robotic script reading customer agents' is insulting to robots. They experience 'unusally high call volumes' fairly regularly. Jesus they don't even follow their own complaints policy. I had to have three attempts just to get a complaint reference number - and the reason is clear. Thats when the clock starts ticking ultimately the numbers reported to the Ombudsmen. And yes its called the OMBUDSMEN not OMNIBUS as the helpful call agent kept suggesting. After waiting to 2 months for the final bill it was magically calculated 2 days after the complaint reference number was generated. Make it clear that you are recording the phone call and want that complaint number. I am still waiting for refund. And yes they took a £10.50 direct debit cancellation fee from despite having £220 of my money to pay the final £20 bill. This company is the absolute pox and should be avoided as such.

by Gill on isupply reviews

I was switching to isupply and due to a technical mistake (my fault) they cancelled the switch. The issue is that despite them cancelling they proceeded to take direct debits from my bank account. I complained and asked them to refund the money that they had taken from my account. They said it would take 28 days to action the refunds. Even whilst waiting for the refunds they continued to take more direct debits. In the end I had to get my bank to make indemnity claims to get refunds and even after their intervention isupply still took another direct debit from me. The bank has now cancelled the direct debits but warned me that may not be the end of it. The bank staff said I should make a formal complaint to the Ombudsman but having done this in the past about a utility provider I know that it is a waste of time. I do feel that it is worthwhile informing others who may be thinking of switching to isupply of my experience of the incompetence of isupply

by Bill on isupply reviews
Still not sure...

I signed up in December 2016 for the 33 month contract, getting the meters registered with iSupply took forever, so far two DD's have been processed OK but although the last three meter readings for Gas have been verified, only the first Electric reading has been. No statements as yet on the web site account or usage trends, I suspect they will used estimated readings when a statement finally appears. I keep a record of all my readings from previous years and know where I stand so hopefully there will not be any surprises in the future. Too early to make a decision as to the long term ability of this company, but I agree difficult to contact, there doesn't seem to be any way to contact them on line, fingers crossed...

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  • Poxy Pig (#)
    September 15th, 2016

    When iSupply found I’d decided to leave they sent me a change of direct debit notice, putting the debit up by £5.
    Two days after my contract had terminated I cancelled the direct debit but they still continued to take money from my bank, even though I had left!
    It took them over 6 weeks to send my final bill, with still no refund of the amount I’d overpaid. To my horror they’d added a £10.50 fee for cancellation of the direct debit, something I’d done, not them.
    The saga continues . . . . .

  • John Tym (#)
    December 19th, 2016

    My contract finsished in early October and I have a credit owing to me of over £600. Two phone calls and great patience on my part but no signs of the money coming back. Surely this is a criminal offence??

  • MM (#)
    March 23rd, 2017

    poor service, you are passed around from one department to another, may be cheap but very poor customer service. If you want to waste your time on the phone to this guys, then this is the service is for you. Staff are not trained and do not care. VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE.

  • KLambert (#)
    March 25th, 2017

    DO NOT USE ISUPPLY!!!!!!!!
    Anything and everything possible they get it wrong never met such incompetence in my life
    Switching to this company was my biggest mistake ever it’s been a nightmare and is still on going be warned DO NOT USE ISUPPLY

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