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Iresa Energy is another new kid on the block. Should you really pay attention to the reviews? Find out what we think!

It would appear that energy suppliers are popping up all over the place these days. So who are Iresa Energy? Will they do a better job than all the other suppliers?

Customer reviews

Now that Iresa Energy are starting to get a footing in the energy market, the reviews are coming in. (See bottom of page for customer reviews)


Company Director: Adeniyi Oladeji

Registered office: Concord House, Nottingham, NG7 7FF

Why such a low price?

Many will switch to this new supplier purely on price. It’s very normal practice for a new supplier to hit the energy market with the lowest prices to gain customers.


The Pro’s

  1. It’s cheap

The Con’s

  1. New supplier learning curve


What would I do?

I would give this supplier more time to prove themselves in the UK energy market before considering switching to them.



Although you may be tempted to switch to the cheapest, please be careful.

I would most likely skip through the cheapest in most cases and, switch to one of the following suppliers cheapest online tariffs.

  • EDF Energy
  • First:Utility
  • SSE
  • nPower
  • E.ON
  • Co-op Energy
  • OVO Energy
  • Sainsburys Energy
  • Scottish Power

The safest option!

Ofgem, are the Governing body for comparison sites. All the comparison sites which are accredited by Ofgem are listed here.

Is your comparison site accredited by OFGEM?

There are many comparison sites out there. You have probably only heard of the ones which advertise on TV. But has your comparison site been accredited by OFGEM?

You may be surprised to learn that, the comparison sites that you are more familiar with, are not actually accredited by OFGEM. This is the Government Office for Gas and Electricity Markets. Many of the comparison sites don’t meet the criteria as set out for the OFGEM accreditation!


Ofgem Accredited Comparison Sites

If you are going to switch to a cheaper online energy deal, then use one of the Ofgem Accredited sites. They are governed by a strict set of rules which put the consumers needs first!


This is a full list of the Accredited sites

Comparison SiteOur RatingsStatusGo There
Energy Smart at EnergylinxConnected to energy systems which give more accuracy on your actual address.
get quotes
Energy HelplineGood functional website.get quotes
The Energy ShopGood functional websiteget quotes
uSwitchGood functional websiteget quotes
My Utility Geniusget quotes
Simply Switchget quotes
Runpathget quotes
Unravel ItOld fashioned with fewer tariffsget quotes
Switch Gas & Electricget quotes
MoneysupermarketWant your email address before quoteget quotes
QuotezoneWant your email address before quoteget quotes

More on new energy suppliers

It’s not without good reason that I wouldn’t sign up to a new energy supplier . Like I mentioned earlier, new suppliers hit the market with low prices to attract customers. I’m not saying they won’t get everything right from day one, but here’s something for you to chew on. These are reviews from customers who joined another new energy supplier. New supplier reviews

The choice is yours. Are you tempted by the low price? Or would you rather play it safe and, go with a supplier with more of a track record?


If you have switched to them, please let everyone know what you think by leaving your own review!


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Average rating:  
 191 reviews
Absolutely Incompetent

Appalling service. If I could swear in this review I would. This all started when I moved Gas and Elec to them in late 2016. On the gas bill they used a fictitious lower reading and certainly not the one I provided them. This meant I started with an increased bill. To make matters worse they didn't complete the transfer from my old supplier so I ended up paying 2 gas bills for 8 months. Despite many many complaints and being told a correct bill would be available in 48 hours nothing ever got done. I ended up complaining to the Energy Ombudsman who ruled against them and gave them 28 days to comply. After 28 days they wrote to the Ombudsman confirming everything had been fixed. Surprise Surprise nothing had been done at all. I'm now 2 months after the original decision by the Energy Ombudsman and they are still saying the correct bill will be available in 48 hours. An absolute joke of a company. Don't bother ringing them, at best you will be 29th in the queue and have to remain on hold for about 2 hours to vent your fury only to be told it will be fixed in 48 hours. You have been warned - Don't ever deal with this joke of an outfit.

by Julie Edwards on Iresa Energy Reviews
Awful customer service

Half my meter readings don't show on my account on their website. I have created several 'tickets' on their service page, dating back to five months ago. Each go ignored and then marked as 'resolved' without any communication whatsoever, and the issues have not been resolved at all. It's impossible to get hold of this company. I will be switching elsewhere, although from what I've read from other customers on their Facebook page, this will also be a nightmare. Don't touch them with a barge pole.

by CheapSkate on Iresa Energy Reviews
Definitely Renewing

I'll definitely be renewing in November- I switched from GB Energy (when they went bust) and the changeover went fine. I send meter readings when prompted in the last week of each month (the bills are by calendar month). I’m very pleased that Iresa have consistently been the cheapest and I’m satisfied that the billing is correct. The best way to contact Iresa is by email or via the 'Support Tickets' tab on their website (which has improved). Iresa are responsive but don’t expect an instant reply.

by MartLeeds on Iresa Energy Reviews
Almost Perfect!

I changed expecting problems after reading reviews from sites like this and MSE. After 3 months there have been no problems at all though my previous supplier still contacts me with requests and problems despite me having left them. In other words, iresa is better than I've ever experienced elsewhere. I recommend people try them and save money. If all did go pears-up, othen just leave and go elsewhere. I'm saving about £35 a month and am in credit earning interest! Wish I'd moved in 2014!

Great value

Changed to IRESA one year ago. Paying 66 per month for gas and electricity combined. Amazing price and my account is in credit! People have written that they have struggled to get credit back but I'm not too bothered if I don't get it back when I'm paying half of what I was with British Gas!

No complaints

Changed to Iresa in November 2016. The switch went very smoothly and I have not had reason to contact them on any issues.I supply monthly readings and these are logged correctly. I expect that prices will go up when I renew the contract but that applies to most (if not all) suppliers.Yes, they do take money before they start supplying but they are up front about it, so don't understand why people complain about that.I will very likely renew my contract with them when the current one expires in November.

by Tony Worrall on Iresa Energy Reviews

By far the cheapest energy supplier. I take electric only and used to be with GB Energy at £69 per month. After GB was taken over by the COOP they wanted to increase my charge to just over £100 / month.I was quoted £72 by Iresa so went with them immediately. Have been one of their customers for about 7 months. My account is currently about £170 in credit. They actually credit my account with INTEREST every month because it is in credit. I expect they will re-evaluate my payments after a year. Have not had any reason to contact them so cannot comment on customer service. As long as I am guaranteed an electricity supply at the cheapest rate possible - that is all I want. Brilliant - saving me a fortune.

by Iresa Victim on Iresa Energy Reviews
Don't move to Iresa

I had been with Iresa for around a year. My gas and electricity accounts were £300 in credit (I only use ~£600 per year g and e!). I decided to leave in early July. They are still taking money out of my bank account for gas they no longer supply. Avoid!

by Chris Green on Iresa Energy Reviews
So far so good

About to move house. The place we are going to is supplied by Iresa and the present occupier has highly recommended them. On the basis that they can't be worse than British Gas who we are with at the moment and have done all the things Iresa are accused of doing in these pages, failed to take direct debits, hung on to credits failed to deal with complaints etc etc we're giving Iresa a chance. Was a bit confused as to how to sign up but I telephoned and the phone was answered quickly and my query dealt with efficiently and presumably correctly as I have been given all the information by way of very clear and concise e mails. I suppose the real test will begin when we move in but as the present occupier is with them the change over should I would think be pretty smooth. I changed my password and was immediately notified that I had from the site. The British Gas website has been down over the weekend so Iresa is already an improvement. OK so they don't do smart meters but as our British Gas smart meter has been a dismal failure which still isn't sorted out after two years are we really bothered? I will post periodically as to experiences which are good so far.

by Andrew Davidson on Iresa Energy Reviews
Avoid at all costs

I wish I could give zero stars. I don't usually go out of my way to write reviews. But this company is the worst company i've ever dealt with. I quit their service about a year ago, and I still can't get the account closed. They are useless. Avoid at all costs.

by Mr Bond on Iresa Energy Reviews

Great company slow at answering phone and web site used to be slow but is niw okAnd cheapBut they dont fit smart meters

by D Smith on Iresa Energy Reviews
Avoid this company

This is the worst energy company I have ever used. They have my first meter readings wrong after 5 months 6 phone calls and 4 e-mails that they have never replied to, its still wrong. Takes ages to get through to customer services then staff are not at all help full.

by A M Duncan on Iresa Energy Reviews
All sorted.

After some initial problems with "validation of meter readings" thing have gone swimmingly. I find the prices cheap, the web site perfectly easy to follow, new bills posted promptly, and the phone calls have all been answered promptly and courteously. Long may it continue.

Much Improved

I was highly critical of Iresa's ability to take on a non-standard installation (3rd party gas infrastructure). Their communication skills were below zero. I contacted them today on a minor matter and they answered the phone in less than 5 seconds and dealt with my query quickly and professionally.

by kevin oxspring on Iresa Energy Reviews
customer care

I have been trying to get my gas & electric credit since 31/05/17.Moved home submitted readings on 30/05/17 & waited for refund.have contacted them several times by e.mail & phone chasing this refund to no avail.Finally on 04/08/17 told would be getting refund but upon checking they have billed me up to 30/06/17 even though i was not in property.Escalated complaint again & phoned them up again to speak to a member of complaints team to try to sort out problem.Was told this was not possible as there was no number for complaints team as they do not have telephones.I do not find this credible .Still no refund & no way to contact their complaints department.AVOID THIS COMPANY LIKE THE PLAGUE.

by Jan Simmons on Iresa Energy Reviews
No problem!

I switched to Iresa in April 17 and haven't had any problems so far. I was with Scottish Power before and had them look after several houses. I took each account away from them and put with someone else as their customer service was terrible!!!


Honestly the worst energy company I have ever dealt with. It's no suprise their rates are so low. They admittedly guessed my gas reading even though they were provided with them at the start of the term. And it took them 10 weeks to attempt to resolve it and then they claim they need another 10 weeks to resolve it. Complete incompetence. Its also worth noting that there telephone wait times are horrific - avoid like the plague.

by John Brown on Iresa Energy Reviews

Dismal customer service, incompetent staff, systems not fit for purpose. Avoid!

by Sally Home on Iresa Energy Reviews

If tempted by cheap tarrif and reasonable standing charges, be prepared for woeful customer service and horrendous billing. Despite sending meter readings as requested on a monthly basis and well within the time frame, these are never taken in to account and IRESA claims either to 'not have received meter readings in time, or that 'meter readings have been sent for validation', which seems to be the case month after month. Suspect serious cash flow issues within this company and would strongly urge Ofgem investigation and would seem to be heading the same way as beleaguered GB Energy!

by James swanson on Iresa Energy Reviews
Don't go with iresa

Been with them 4 months. Still not got my meter po Nhs on my online account so the money is mounting up. When you phone you wait nearly 2 hours to speak to a advisor to get nowhere pointless. You raise a ticket they ignore it. I had to go to ofgem to get anywhere . With them customer service is the worst I've ever seen avoid if possible unless you wanna get ignored and pay your bill yearly

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