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Iresa Energy is another new kid on the block. Should you really pay attention to the reviews? Find out what we think!

It would appear that energy suppliers are popping up all over the place these days. So who are Iresa Energy? Will they do a better job than all the other suppliers?

We know that energy related subjects are quite boring, but if you are thinking of switching your energy supplier, please read all the information on this page. You will then be in a better position to make an informed decision on what to do next!

Customer reviews

Now that Iresa Energy are starting to get a footing in the energy market, the reviews are coming in. (See bottom of page for customer reviews)


Company Director: Adeniyi Oladeji

Registered office: Concord House, Nottingham, NG7 7FF

Why such a low price?

Many will switch to this new supplier purely on price. It’s very normal practice for a new supplier to hit the energy market with the lowest prices to gain customers.

Update 9th February 2017

I’m a bit concerned about the very low prices that some of the new suppliers are offering at the moment. There’s a couple of things you should know about.

  • Fixed price means the price you pay per KWH is fixed for the term of the contract. This does not stop the suppliers from increasing the standing charge. (Although, that would be highly immoral)
  • We predict there will be an increase in electricity prices from March 2017.
  • A new energy supplier (GB Energy) went out of business at the end of 2016. This caused a lot of upset and confusion with their customers. OFGEM did come to the rescue as expected. I hate to think this may open the flood gates for other suppliers to think it’s easy to bale out and leave OFGEM to pick up the pieces.

I’m not saying this supplier will fail their customers. But, it is early days for this supplier!

The Pro’s

  1. It’s cheap

The Con’s

  1. New supplier learning curve

Would I switch to Iresa Energy?

Definitely not – I would never switch to a brand new energy supplier. There is far too much that can go wrong. I’m not saying this supplier will provide a terrible service, or they will soon increase their prices. But, I just wouldn’t take the risk at this early stage.

So, what would I do?

I would look into the tariffs from the more established energy suppliers. Sometimes, even the big 6 can surprise us with low internet prices!

You have come this far with your research, so don’t get it wrong now.

Switching energy supplier can be a good experience. It can also be a bad experience. It’s so easy to click the button which offers your cheapest energy deal. But, think twice before you do this. Don’t ignore the warnings, thinking it won’t happen to you!

This website attracts consumers who are looking for more information on a supplier before they switch to them. It also attracts consumers who are having a bad experience with their supplier.

We receive poor feedback for all the suppliers. We don’t expect any supplier to get things 100% perfect all of the time. But some of the suppliers receive 100’s of poor reviews.

You can reduce your risk of any problems by switching to one of the suppliers listed below and, by switching through on Ofgem Accredited Comparison Site.



Some of the newer suppliers charge you in advance and, some of them have received very poor reviews.

Although you may be tempted to switch to the cheapest, please be careful.

I would most likely skip through the cheapest in most cases and, switch to one of the following suppliers cheapest online tariffs.

What would you like to do next?
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  • Scottish Power

The safest option!

Ofgem, are the Governing body for comparison sites. All the comparison sites which are accredited by Ofgem are listed here.

Is your comparison site accredited by OFGEM?

There are many comparison sites out there. You have probably only heard of the ones which advertise on TV. But has your comparison site been accredited by OFGEM?

You may be surprised to learn that, the comparison sites that you are more familiar with, are not actually accredited by OFGEM. This is the Government Office for Gas and Electricity Markets. Many of the comparison sites don’t meet the criteria as set out for the OFGEM accreditation!


Ofgem Accredited Comparison Sites

If you are going to switch to a cheaper online energy deal, then use one of the Ofgem Accredited sites. They are governed by a strict set of rules which put the consumers needs first!


This is a full list of the Accredited sites

Comparison SiteOur RatingsStatusGo There
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Ease of use
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The Energy Shopget quotes
Runpathget quotes
My Utility Geniusget quotes
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More on new energy suppliers

It’s not without good reason that I wouldn’t sign up to a new energy supplier . Like I mentioned earlier, new suppliers hit the market with low prices to attract customers. I’m not saying they won’t get everything right from day one, but here’s something for you to chew on. These are reviews from customers who joined another new energy supplier. New supplier reviews

The choice is yours. Are you tempted by the low price? Or would you rather play it safe and, go with a supplier with more of a track record?


To get the reviews started for Iresa Energy, I’m going to leave my own review in the reviews section below. If you have switched to them, please let everyone know what you think by leaving your own review!

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Average rating:  
 162 reviews
by H Wiseman on Iresa Energy Reviews
Iresa experience

I switched in March and have had nothing but problems. They ignored my switch over readings and used some they had made up themselves which artificially increased the bill as my new tariff is dearer than my old one, I sent around 30 e-mails trying to get problems sorted out, I still haven't succeeded, and trying to speak to someone on the phone is almost impossible. My £314 rebate from my previous supplier was held up for three months because of Iresa incorrect information. Their web site is very poor and accessing your account very difficult. A total nightmare !

Cheap and Cheerful

I switched to Iresa When they first set up the business and have not had any problems except once when on line meter readings couldn't be taken but I had been emailed about this. I have since signed up again for thgas and electricity and everything is ticking along as it should. I did have to ring them a couple of times and was kept waiting for half an hour, but when I questioned this waiting time the person answering the phone was very apologetic and said this was being addressed and were taking on more staff. However my query was dealt with efficiently and sorted. With all companies there are difficulties for some people changing suppliers hence low rated reviews, but they are a very low cost supplier and you are given 3% on money held in your account. I am emailed for readings and bills are generated so I know exactly what I am paying for. I am happy to be with Iresa and not had the difficulties that other customers seem to have had.

No Problems

Been with the company since Feb 2017. Switch over was a little slow on the gas side of things but no real problems at all unlike Scottish power who fleeced me and were the worst company I have ever dealt with. Compared to these Iresa have been brilliant. Having said that, If BG were competative I would have stayed with them as their app is so good to use.

by jack iacovou on Iresa Energy Reviews
Iresa review

My experience of Iresa is positive. Switched both gas and electric. process was good and everything worked and works as expected.Prices are the cheapest around. Don't know what all the negative fuss is all about. The only thing is that they cannot automatically read a smart meter and I have to submit readings but hey, for such a huge saving this does not bother me. Only once did I have to call them regarding some switchover details and the phone was answered in good time and I got the information I needed.

by hawksley2006 on Iresa Energy Reviews

Sign up as they came in a one of the cheapest. 1st issue was supplying meter readings. The online facility worked on 2 occasions out of 12, which is annoying when they are the ones requesting readings. 2nd issue was the transfer of credit from my old suppliers key (£30) to my brand new Iresa one. On hold for 45minutes but no answer. Then, after 3 separate emails and no reply, they mark my complaints as 'resolved'?? No refund or contact either written or oral. Hence switched and complaint to ombudsman in progress. Avoid like the plague

Ofgem - do your job!!!

I don't understand why this company has not been publicly taken to task by Ofgem. Read through any of the review sites and you can view the horrendous negative comments.I have personally experienced most of the negatives mentioned and contacted Ofgem. I received a fairly bland reply that stated they were aware of the problems and had asked Iresa to improve. From the most recent reviews on this site alone, it is blatantly obvious that the problems are continuing without the slightest degree of improvement and have been like this for months!I absolutely don't believe the authenticity of some of the few 5 star reviews that appear on this and other sites.If you transfer to this company be aware that apart from the many negatives, you will find it extremely difficult, if not nigh impossible to transfer away from them, without considerable hassle and disruption in your life.The evidence appears to indicate that Ofgem and the Ombudsman are not fully protecting the consumers and regulating this industry properly. I expect that the truth will out in due course, but not before many many consumers have been extremely disadvantaged in the interim.


Today I called the company was answered straight away Extremely helpful lady p. I want to have my meter moved Tonight e mail confirming when this would be done, very impressed and my energy bill has drastically reduced. When I phoned some weeks ago I did have to wait but was told they are going to improve on this well today I was answered straight away

by Shirley on Iresa Energy Reviews
No major problems.

Switched in February 2017 - gas took 1 month longer to switch than electricity -not a problem to me. I did initially query by email the DD amount as it seemed a bit much. The reply was a long time coming and did not really answer the question, however, I understand they refund any credit and reassess DD after 6 months so will wait and see. Interest is paid on credit balance anyway. Online monthly meter readings and subsequent billing all works smoothly. Their website does appear to be down quite often so I try again later ! I've never had to phone their Customer Services and in view of the awful reviews I've read, hope I never have to. A new Company with good prices is bound to encounter problems but I wish them luck !


Don't even deserve one star.Worst service ever - online meter readings don't submit properly so billin is erratic, they never answer phone calls, website is frequently down for long periods, online ticket asking to change DD date has been open for 6+ weeks with no response.Avoid at all costs. I will NEVER use this company again and am not sure how they are able to operate!!

avoid Iresa

Not even worthy of 1 x star and in my view should be under immediate investigation by Ofgen due to woeful billing (especially gas) and scant, if any customer service with email tickets completely ignored. Submitting meter readings is a waste of time as they never appear on your online account and Iresa claims that for this reason, bills cannot be issued. The company will continue to take your direct debit though!Worst utility company ever and this company's licence to operate and director should stand close scrutiny both by Ofgen and Trading Standards.

by ms Gray on Iresa Energy Reviews

Decided to switch to this company as it was listed on the Martin Lewis website as a cheap energy supplier. Was told by Iresa the switch was estimated to take place on 28th Feb 2017, they took a direct debit from our account. its now 12th June 2017 and they still have not switched our gas and we are getting charged a really high tariff from another supplier that was supplying the property before we moved in. They never answer emails and when you try and telephone them you are left holding on for ages

System works!

Seeing all the negative reviews made me skeptical but I decided to sign up.So far, three months in, they seem to be doing a good job.Yes, there is a delay on answering telephones (15 mins today) but I can get the same with my bank.Billing seems to be fine. Monthly updates and no errors to date.I wish them luck in providing cheap energy.If the rates they buy it at go up though, they'll be outta business.

by lesley ramm on Iresa Energy Reviews
no stars

What an awful company.Nil for customer service.Need to hang on the phone for 90 minutes for someone to answer your call.Do not reply to emails.Changed back to First Utility straight away.Still have excess money owing to me.DO NOT CHANGE TO THEM.

by Hugh Sinclair on Iresa Energy Reviews
Iresa energy

I have been this company 6 months now. I had no problems switching and get a new bill every time I submit a meter reading which is much better than the bigger companies I have been with.Their web site is a trifle slow , the reason I have deducted one star.

by Frances Lambert on Iresa Energy Reviews
Do not switch to Iresa

In my haste to switch I failed to read the horror stories and now I am one of these. My metre reading both opening and closing 21 days later were never put on my account, they have £89.52 of my money and will not answer the phone or any emails I send. Don't be tempted by their low prices it is not worth the hassle and worry they give you.

Do not sign up with Iresa

I did not even wish to give this 1 star. After moving over a couple months ago I had to raise an issue for over estimated readings, one month on from raising this issue, it has not been resolved, I had write 7 emails and go on social media just to get a response 4 weeks later. There is no-one whom deals with any query or payments directly, they must have one person in customer relations as I have never been with a company who don't reply to 7 emails when they are online based. MY honest opinion is if you want a stress free energy company do not choose Iresa.

by Michael Neuner on Iresa Energy Reviews
mixed experience - impossible to contact

In Feb. 2017 I switched electricity and gas. Electricity went smooth and works perfect - but the switching of gas supply does not happen so I am stucked with the expensive contract from my old supplier.Absolutely no respons to the online form in the customer area. After two month I called the sevice number, it took 1:22min to get from number 35 in the queu to actually speaking to a service representative. (the music you hear while you wait is quite nice). Contact was friendly and helpful and assured me the problem will be solved, but now, end of May I still get my gas from my old supplier. I dread calling them again but probably I have to...

by James Biggs on Iresa Energy Reviews
Rubbish - wish I had never switched

I wish I'd read more reviews before switching. As others have said they completely ignore all complaints and issues raised. They have failed to pass on my meter reading to previous supplier so I'm in credit but can't get it back. I implore you not to use this company

Regrets, I've had a few but this one here's beyond comprehension...

Leaving after a month. Cancelled direct debit after 1 payment and they are demanding this be reinstated. What a joke - I'm in credit with more than enough to pay their bill and yet they still expect more. Rang this afternoon and after a 25 minute wait (that's quick!) asked 1 question and was cut-off...abysmal service and website diabolically sloooow. Come in Number 9, your time is up!

by Jessica on Iresa Energy Reviews
Happy customer

Found it very easy to switch a few months ago - went smoothly with no hitches. Get an email every month reminding me to input my meter readings and an email confirming once I have. Easy direct debit system - very cheap and there have been no issues with money going out. With the experience I've had, I'm very surprised to see so many terrible reviews. Granted I haven't yet had to raise an issue so don't know what their customer service is like (which seems to be the gripe a lot of people have with them going by the reviews) - but the fact I haven't had to use it since joining in February I'm taking as a good sign.

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