British Gas free electricity is it a good deal

Free Electricity from British Gas.

Our tariff expert looks into the free electricity deal from British Gas, known as Scottish Gas in Scotland. Is it a good deal?


How does it work? This free electricity from British Gas.

British Gas will install a new Smart meter when you switch to this tariff. Don’t worry about that, we all have to get these meters soon anyway.

Smart meters work off a mobile network keeping you, and the supplier informed of your energy usage. These won’t work in some areas where no mobile network is available.

You can get either a Saturday or Sunday free electricity usage from 9:0AM to 5:0PM. Great, do all your washing, ironing, grass cutting, cooking and whatever else you can think of during that time.

Is it a good deal?

It’s good if you are already a British Gas customer on their expensive Standard energy tariff. On average, they reckon you can save around £60 a year.

Sounds good, right?

British Gas can afford to do this because they are 20 to 30% more expensive than the cheaper online energy tariffs.

Average energy consumers are currently spending £1029 on The British Gas standard tariff. This new tariff is based on Standard Energy. Assuming you will make the average saving of £60 with the free electricity, you will be spending £969. The cheapest online tariff is currently £720.

What to do next

Shop around for a cheaper energy deal. Here’s a list of all the OFGEM accredited comparison sites.

Don’t be tempted by the cheapest deal though. Some of the suppliers are new, and don’t quite have their act together yet.

I would switch to one of the following suppliers cheaper online tariffs.


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Average energy usage

Figures are based on National average energy usage. At the time of this post, this is 3100 KWH electricity and 12500 KWH gas. Figures were calculated on the UK Power comparison site in the Scottish Power region on the date of this post.

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