Octopus Energy reviews

Octopus Energy Reviews.

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Our resident energy expert looks into the pros and cons of joining this new energy supplier. Are they any good? Is there a down side to them?.

The good news is, Octopus Energy appear to be off to a good start. Although, I do feel it is still early days to give an accurate review for Octopus Energy..

Octopus Energy customer service.

As I am writing this review, I have sent an email to Octopus Energy. This is my way of finding out how their customer service responds to a medium difficulty task.

They state, they try to respond within one hour. They have responded in….. Waiting…. They responded within 15 minutes. However, the response was a bit vague. I’m not unimpressed with the response, it really was what I expected from a new energy supplier.

My Verdict

The Pros

  • Customer service and ease of contact, look promising.
  • Pricing is very good.

The Cons

  • New Supplier learning curve
  • Not set up for future technical issues

Would I go with this supplier?

Updated 19th November 2016

I wouldn’t normally recommend fairly new suppliers, but the reviews and our recent research are showing Octopus Energy in a positive light. However, I think a little more time is required before I’m fully confident with this supplier.


The safest option!

Customer reviews rarely give an accurate measure of a suppliers ability. Although we have faith in this supplier providing a good service, you may just want to play it safe.

It would be wise to do a bit more research before deciding which supplier to go with. The latest official results for the energy suppliers can be viewed here.

Although you may be tempted to switch to the cheapest, please be careful.

I would most likely skip through the cheapest in most cases and, switch to one of the following suppliers cheapest online tariffs.

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Average rating:  
 12 reviews
by Robert Morgan on Octopus Energy reviews
They hoard your money ...

To be fair, I found their actual energy prices very good. The monthly direct debit was set to about twice my actual energy use and I expected they to reduce it after 6 months as my previous supplier did. They did not and soon they had a few hundred pounds of my money in their hands. It took several emails to get them to reduce it. When planning a house move I notified them well in advance of desire to close the contract but over six weeks after moving and many e-mails I'm still waiting for a refund. Apparently they use an outside agency - obviously unrelaible - to deal with such matters. Yes, their prices are good but I could not recommend them.

Transparent and easy to use

Switched to octopus 2 months ago and onto their green tariff. Very easy to keep track (looking forward to getting their daily tariff tracker) and compare billing. All on line so constantly accessible. Prices are not the cheapest (but they don't have a bait and switch policy), and feel they have my long term interests at heart.

The best service

The best service you can find , I move to them about 1 month and I am very happy with them , best customer service always special on of the staff her name ( Semi ) , She is very helpful . Thank you

So far, so bad

I switched over to this company last month and my first bill came as a bit of a shocker. The price has rocketed from about £60 a month to over £200. I asked for a revised bill and it's come down to £140... big whoopee( more sarcasm). Needless to say I'm heading back to my old supplier.

by Jennifer on Octopus Energy reviews
Octopus during switching: so far, so good

I'm in the process of switching over, and I'll write another review once I've been using them properly.Octopus have been pretty good with the email trail so far. They are the first company to mark emails as ACTION: or FYI: and that's good email manners.I chose Octopus because they were reasonably priced and green.I was with e.on before Octopus, for two years. Once I'd finished the two year contract, there was a slight increase of £8 for a year in e.on which wasn't enough to worry me.I left e.on because the meter readings were becoming a pain.I got e.on people around very often; in one case, three times in two days - to read the meter. Then they said that the readings were wrong, and they wanted me to do it. How can all three e.on people get it wrong? It was inconvenient.So I've left e.on and let's see how Octopus do. I'm happy to try green energy, reasonably priced, and that's what Octopus offer.

by Robert George on Octopus Energy reviews
Why judge Octopus on their 'future'?

Lots of reviews judging Octopus on what they may or may not do in the future!? As we are all used to switching when tariffs get too high, then and only then, Octopus will be judged! I switched to them and they are green and cheap NOW (not the cheapest, btw).

so far so good

I switched to octopus in august this year from british gas. So far I am very pleased I get a reminder to send a reading the process is simple and keeps me up to date on my usage, I find this really helpful. I love that they are green and ethical and british. But I love the down to earth friendly approach it makes you feel valued as a customer.

by Thermion on Octopus Energy reviews
Seamless switch

Switched to Octopus a month ago. In my case, making huge annual savings across gas and electricity supply. Octopus weren't the lowest quote I found, but they were very competitive and I felt comfortable going with them. Octopus staff were extremely helpful and responsive, especially as there was the added complication of an electricity meter change immediately before switching. The long delay (normal) in updating the meter database can cause admin problems for energy suppliers. Emails and telephone calls were answered promptly and competently. Switching was seamless and trouble free.

Good Company

They have an excellent customer service and prices are very good, however, they do have a frustrating habit of ignoring your supplied readings, not a massive problem but I like to think they trust me??The comment about going with a more established company is fine but if people don't switch to Octopus they will never get the recognition they deserve.

Switching process

So far i am extremely impressed with how i have been delt with. Even though i was uncertain at first about wether oe not to switch over to you your company helped me out when they didnt have to. They might not of gained a new customer but they still took that chance.The guy i spoke with was totally down to earth and someone i could relate with and it was quite an unusual call from an energy provider. However it was refreshing and exactly how it should it done!Yes they are new and yes they might have a few problems but everyone has to start somewhere.

honest review

A new company offering you cheap green energy. This is totally correct and I was just about to change supplier and go with them when I decided to do a little more checking. I rang them up and said I was thinking of joining them because they said they could provide cheaper energy than my existing supplier Eon. I said could you tell me your standing charges for gas and electricity and they were 10p a day more than Eon. That is £36.50 a year. Make your own mind up but always double check first.

Many thanks for leaving a review for Octopus Energy. However, this is not an accurate way to determine the prices of an energy supplier. The overall cost to supply your energy based on your own personal consumption, combined with the KWH price and, the standing charge price, is the only way you can determine actual savings.

New supplier

I have started the reviews off with 2 stars. This is based on Octopus Energy being a new supplier to the domestic energy market. Although they answered my query very promptly, I don't feel they are set up for future changes in the energy market. If you have joined this supplier, please leave your own review!This was increased to 3 stars 19th November 2016. Octopus Energy are looking positive.