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Economy Energy Reviews

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Our resident energy expert looks into the pros and cons of joining this new energy supplier. Are they any good? Is there a down side to them?.

Economy Energy are new to the domestic energy market, so feel it is still early days to give an accurate review for Economy Energy..

Economy Energy customer service.

I’m, glad to report that things do look promising with Economy Energy. They seem to have their act together. They are in fact, a step ahead with future changes coming to the energy market.

My Verdict

The Pros

  • Customer service and ease of contact, look promising.
  • Pricing is very good.

The Cons

  • New Supplier learning curve

Would I go with this supplier?

No, not at this early stage. I just feel there is too much that can go wrong. On the positive side, Economy Energy are prepared for the future. But as yet, I don’t believe they have been trading long enough as a supplier to receive an accurate measure of reviews.

Fancy giving them a go?

If you want to give Economy Energy a go, you can switch to them through Energy Helpline


The safest option!

Choose a supplier which has more of a track record. Switch through an Ofgem accredited comparison site. Ofgem, are the Governing body for comparison sites. All the comparison sites which are accredited by Ofgem are listed here.

Safest option suppliers.


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  • First:Utility
  • SSE
  • nPower
  • E.ON
  • OVO Energy
  • Green Star Energy
  • Sainsburys Energy
  • Scottish Power


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 18 reviews
by Billy Glachan on Economy Energy Review
Disaster from start to finish!!!

Having been with my previous big 6 supplier for 3 years without any issues, I only decided to move to Economy Energy when my previous deal ran out as they were the cheapest on the market. Unfortunately I took them at good faith and did no research before making the switch. I applied on 9th April 2017 to switch from my current supplier. Its now the 10th June and I still haven't received a final bill from my old big 6 supplier. After a phone call to previous supplier it turns out Economy Energy have submitted a lower gas reading for my transfer than I submitted the month previous for my bill reading!! I called Economy Energy to explain and ask if they could give me the readings they provided to my previous supplier. I was told they couldn't at that area however someone from readings would call me back either Thursday afternoon or Friday AM. I did receive a call back but on the Saturday morning. Having missed the call, I found a voicemail thanking me for phoning and that the person had been passed a request to call me about readings. She then left a message telling me I can submit my readings online and gave an email address. That was it....original request had been completely ignored or misinterpreted. I then decided to phone back on Monday 5th June and after listening to the customer service options, I selected option 4 only for the voice system to continue reading further options! Eventually the line went dead. I tried again from a landline and once again from a mobile in case it was a phone issue. Same thing happened again on both telephones. I then submitted an email to their customer service department explaining my predicament and how, after receiving my 'welcome pack' (a basic email confirming tariff and switch dates) I had not heard a thing from them since. I also explained having read some horrific reviews about their company, I was still willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. I asked them to contact me by Friday 9th June or I would delete my Direct Debit and transfer to another provider. Low and behold, my Friday deadline came and passed so I tried to call one more time this morning (Saturday 10th June). Surprise surprise, same issues as Monday whereby you try to select the option for customer service and it continues to roll out all the options before line going dead. There is a clear issue with their phone system (cant even contact them) and when I did successfully speak with someone previously, they completely ignored my issue. Add the fact you cant even register an online account (message saying they are making improvements and will be available soon) has sent alarm bells ringing for me. I have just completed another switch back to a 'big 6' supplier this morning that is roughly the same tariff as economy energy. I have deleted my direct debit to economy energy before 1st payment can be taken too. I am pretty sure I will hear from them promptly when they cant get any money!! I will likely have to pay £50 exit fee to leave this amateur outfit but for peace of mind it will be money well spent. Having tried to give my business to what I perceived to be a smaller, more independent business it has blown up in my face. No wonder people put up with the 'big 6' companies. They may have a monopoly on the Industry but at least you can contact them when required!!! Read all the reviews on Economy Energy and think very carefully before moving to them. I wish I had as they are NOT worth the hassle!!! If I could get away with giving no stars in my review I would (as I suspect a lot of previous reviewers would have too) but you are required to select at least 1 star.

by Brendan McCormack on Economy Energy Review
Worst experience I've had with an energy company and that says something!

Let me preface this by saying I never write reviews but this company deserves one....After doing a bit of research, I decided to move to Economy Energy for both my electricity and gas. The signup process seemed just great but I got a bit worried after a few weeks when I received no correspondence on whether they'd take over the billing. I had to call up directly to find out there was a problem with setting up the gas. I provided them with additional information that they said was needed. After being promised a call back, I had to call up again. This was the pattern for weeks as they said they would take over the gas contract but never did. I eventually realised how stupid I was and left the company - being charged £25. Don't regret it at all.

by Russell Jones on Economy Energy Review
Do Not Use This Company

This company is a complete joke and shame on Ofgem for letting them get away with it. No customer service at all. Switched to them Apr 17 apparently but I am still with my old supplier on higher rate. Complained but they just ignore you. They have stayed I cannot cancel even though I haven't switched yet. They don't have any meter readings so how can they have switched me? Taken Direct Debits despite me cancelling them. They are a corrupt bunch of liars who ignore you or tell you a load of lies. I don't care what they say, they are not my supplier and I will not accept them as my supplier despite what they say. Stay away from them. Ofgem pull your finger out and close this company to protect honest hard working people.

by Steven Edwards on Economy Energy Review
Economy Energy

No online account, blocked me leaving because they said I was in debt despite taking monthly direct debits, meter readings have not been acknowledged. Really cannot see a positive from this company, they aren't even the cheapest.

Economy Energy Review

The worst switch I have ever made. Tried to phone them on a number of occasions and the waiting time for each call is 25+ mins. My first bills for gas and electricity came in the post last month and both had estimated readings. I have been wanting to login to my account online to give my true meter readings and the only message that has been appearing on the company website for many weeks now is: "We're making some updates to improve your experience." I then tried to e-mail my true readings and received no acknowledgement nor update on my bills whatsoever. Terrible service overall.

Economy energy

Changed to this supplier end of March.Don't give any customer service and never tell the truth on the phone. Unfortunately my 14 day cool off has just passed. If I had known what a shambles they are I would never have changed. I'd rather pay a bit more and get better service. If they carry on like they are I don't have any confidence in my bills being correct, that's if they actually take over the supply the date has changed already but I have to phone them as they don't let you know what's going on themselves. Don't think I'll save any money now as cost of phone calls and now my old supplier is charging me higher rate now as I couldn't renew with them after economy energy mucked up the start date. So end of the story is pay more rather than use this shambles of a so called supplier.

by Linda Nelson on Economy Energy Review
Wot no website

The website is not fit to be called so. If you go on their site and click on "my account", you get lots of promises of what is to come. When??? You cannot keep track of your payments, balance, submit readings or anything else.

Great switcjing experience

I recently switched to Economy Energy. Great advice on the best energy deals available to me and hassle free process.

Incompetent and liars

I have had nothing but problems with my switch to this company and since starting my switch in December i am still trying to deal with their incompetence as of today 3rd of March. Their customer service say a lot but don’t do anything. First I signed over both my Gas and electricity all seems fine got all the emails confirming switch and start date / DD mandate all looked good until we got into mid Jan I noticed that my Gas was still with my previous supplier. Contact them and they stated nobody had requested my Gas so then rang Economy who informed me this had not been requested even though they had sent me email stating the opposite even disputing they had sent email.......? then a direct debit payment was taken for gas even though they themselves claim had not been switched. I have spoken at length on many occasions and sent emails and have heard nothing back AT ALL and even more money has now been taken for this service they have denied was switched added to this as they didn’t take my supply 2 months ago at the coldest point of the year i have fallen in to a Standard variable rate with the old supplier so my Gas is 25% higher than it should be. So will now be going to OFGEM

by Martin Foster on Economy Energy Review
Liars, Cheats & Fraudsters

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY - YOU WILL REGRET IT.I signed up for a one-year fixed rate contract with this company three months ago and, after spending nearly a hundred hours trying to get any sense out of them, I still cannot get back the £75 my old supplier owe me. I was on the point of taking my old supplier to court but it now seems that it is almost entirely the fault of Economy Energy.Although I signed up for a one-year fixed rate contract, through a series of dishonest practices, they are only giving me 9 months. Firstly, they pretended that the contract started when I first applied, hence taking off the month until switchover date. Then they added two months to my meter reading, taking off another two months. This is fraud and I will be reporting it. They won't tell me where they got this reading from or even who is their Meter Reading Agency. They say they have given the correct reading to my old supplier but my old supplier says that this is not true and that Economy Energy have, in fact, raised a dispute which could take moths to sort out. Once again, Economy Energy won't tell me whether or not they have raised a dispute.The stress of all this has made me ill and having to seek help. A star rating of one is far to high for this company - minus 5 would be more realistic!

by Heather on Economy Energy Review
Economy energy

I cancelled my sign up after reading reviews about economy energy. They only cancelled the electricity and continued with the gas. I now have to mess about reconnecting with my current supplier. It also took me over an hour to get through and even then they couldn't explain why everything wasn't cancelled. Stay away from this compamy!!!


I switched over from gas and I found don't save money forever topping more then before then BRITISH GAS so I will be going back them shit service

by Sarah t on Economy Energy Review
Con merchants

Sorry but they don't even deserve one star!
Someone came round and made out that my current supplier was doing something wrong and illegal. Iv now found out that he has done the same to my single parent neighbor next door and an elderly lady next door but one. He also made out like we had no choice but to switch.
Trying to get in contact with the company to complain and cancel is also a complete nightmare and after ringing them four times and waiting four hours and saying the same thing over and over i am finally in the process of cancelling. Do NOT switch too these or listen too anyone that comes too your door as they are all con merchants!

Joke .. Disgusting

Since joining economy energy i have nothing but problems with over spending on my electric i find myself topping up double what i was before £10-15 in 3days and they say this is normal ... I have called them on several occassions about this and i have complained but no action takenOn the gas problems .. I have never received a gas card from them .. I have rang up requested new ones and now being told someone signed for a card on the 15th november .. The police are involved about thisI was left without gas for 24hours with 2 children under 5 one of which is disabledI was told to walk 30mins to collect a card with a code that doesnt workComplaints team are yet to contact me after emailing them on several occassionsI have emailed the energy ombudsman about their disgusting customer service and joke of a companySTAY WELL CLEAR !!!

by Rochelle on Economy Energy Review
Awful Company! WARNING!

We had a gentleman knock on our fromt door offereing cheaper rates for gas and electric, my partner decided to switch to economy energy however it has been one HUGE mistake!We contacted the company on 5 different occasions where we asked why we were being charged such a high rate for gas and electric yet informed we would save money. We were using much more money than our other provider. We we promised it would be lowered and the company apologised, still having to address the same issue on 5 different phone calls we decided to give up and leave as the rate was never lowered to what we were quoted and we were paying more money!We were bombarded with calls asking us to stay with economy energy and informing us they would lower their charges for the services due to the way we have been treated, this is not good customer service considering it was never lowered to what we were quoted originally when we addressed it so many times so why would we go back now?I put money on the card and key that our new provider issued and £20 was taken off my electric machine when calling economy energy they told me to contact my new provider yet it was money I had paid them whilst they were providing my services. I spoke to a lady from economy energy who informed me I would receive my refund and finalised bill just after 8th October as my switch over was 8th September, that allows the company to finalise the bill.We are now November 4th yet I have had no correspondence with my finalised bill or a refund for the money they have taken from us!I decided to complain as I was constantly going around in circles when I queried where my money was.Holly from the complaints department called and left a message on my partners voice mail - even though I had told economy energy to contact me directly NOT my partner. My partner did not answer the call as he had answered so many begging him to return he assumed that was another. Holly never said she was from the complaints department in regards to the complaint that I had addressed so there was no call returned from our end.I called and spoke to Karen on Friday 28th October informing her of what happened she promised me a call back in the afternoon with an update of the complaint... still waiting! AWFUL CUSTOMER SERVICE!I called on Tuesday 1st November, when I managed to speak to Karen she apologised for not contacting me, she informed me she would put a sticky note on her computer screen to remind her and she would call me once she has investigated my complaint - SOMETHING THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN DONE THE PREVIOUS CALL I was told she would call me in the afternoon with an update. Tuesday afternoon come and went as did Wednesday - NO CALL!I called on Thursday and was told Karen's department was not open yet and she will call me with in an hour .... 6pm I called and was livid as to why economy energy think this justifiable customer service. The gentleman told me the complaints department closes at 5.30pm and he would call me at 10am Friday 4th November so I can speak to Karen.10am Friday the 4th November I had a call where I was told I will be put through to Karen... the gentleman then told me Karen was on a call and will call me back!2.15pm Friday 4th November STILL NO CALL OR UPDATE!All I want is my money - I have photo copied the pay point receipts yet nobody is telling me when my refund will be issued.I called and spoke to a lady at 2.20pm on Friday 4th November where again I am told Karen would call me - I then asked to speak to a manager, I was informed there was nobody from the complaints department or managers available TYPICAL!I informed the lady I will be seeking legal advice, Citizens advice bureau and take this matter to Watchdog so other innocent customers do not get roped in like my partner and I.I managed to speak to a manger who said only the complaints department can discuss an update.All I can say is I have to hold my breath waiting for Karen or somebody from the department to contact me!Awful customer service, untrained staff and this company is breaking the law advertising prices they do not commit to! All the company are trained to say is 'Sorry' nothing ever gets dealt with. The fact that the complaints department are always on other calls sum up this company.NEVER USE THIS COMPANY! I HAVE HAD ON GOING ISSUES SINCE JOINING AND LOTS OF STRESS! Still .....


After being advised a company named E is the best supplier for me, I switched over thinking I would be saving money. I didn't receive anything in the post from them or a key and card so presumed the switch hadn't gone through. Then found out the other day it is actually economy energy! And I have not been more disappointed in customer service until calling economy energy to get a fault dealt with. Would not recommend for anybody! Specially if you have young children. They have quite happily left me with no gas and I have a 7 month old baby. Absolutely sham of a company!

Hi Hayley. If you are having a problem with your meter (Flat battery?) contact you local gas network on 0800 111 999

Scam artists

Economy energy is a scam company do not go with them you will regret it on a massive scale

New supplier

I never award more than 2 stars for a new energy supplier. However, I expect this supplier to do quite well. If you fancy trying this supplier, you should go direct to their own website to switch to them. Please come back to leave your review if you have joined Economy energy.


  • Brian barker (#)
    October 6th, 2016

    Economy energy told me they do warm home payment. Changed to them then relise after sign up they do it and tied me in for 12months ripped me off

  • K O'Connor (#)
    November 24th, 2016

    This company is a scam since switching to them I have to keep topping up and they keep telling me I owe them. I’ve been on a payment meter for over 14 years and never had anything like this. They are scammers and are very disrespectful. I have never been so disappointed.

  • Beth (#)
    January 20th, 2017

    I have been with economy energy now for 12 months. I’ve never had a problem and found £15-17 easily lasts me 2 weeks for electricity and £20 every two weeks for gas with the heating on a lot (it’s winter and I have a 2 year old!).

    I have no daily charges and have never gone in to emergency.

    I am a very happy customer don’t know why everyone is so against them!?

  • Chelsea (#)
    February 9th, 2017

    Twice this has happened to me, a lady and a gentleman both knock on my door.
    The first time with the gentleman asking to read my meters and then signed away after… It took me a while to realize that they had in fact actually switched my energy supply, I had a grueling process of trying to block the switch, which failed and then was overcharged for the time I was with them.
    Today the lady came around and told me about how energy suppliers have been overcharging customers, would I like them to sort it out for me? Well of course, I don’t want to be overcharged.
    She never once mentioned switching to a different supplier, unbeknown to what I was doing i signed the iPad and waited for the call from main office… Whilst on the call I realized what had happened and I told them I do not wish for the process to go through, they told me okay and that it won’t, my application is still on their system and when I asked them to remove it I was told that they cannot do that.

    I may have not been so smart with my decisions but they do not make themselves clear as to what you are doing.

    Do not go with this company, they are simply a nightmare.

  • Doug Sampson (#)
    March 4th, 2017

    signed up with economy energy about 5 weeks ago. all appears ok but cannot log into their web site to check my account / details. Keep getting message “we are tinkering with this section of our site”. How long does that take. Read more bad than good comments. Have I made a mistake.