An energy consumers story

I’ve just dropped the kids off at school. Now it’s my time. I’m looking forward to getting home and, enjoying that cup of coffee in peace.

Everything was going great. February 2015, it’s a crisp dry morning. I even remembered to stop at my local grocer to get some fresh milk for that much awaited coffee.

So far, so good. Nothing could spoil the great mood I was in. I gave the postman a cheery wave as he exited my front gate. “I hope he’s brought me something nice”.

I parked the car and, made my way to my front door. In fact, I had a bit of a spring in my step. I was so looking forward to my day.

I gathered up the mail from behind the door and, headed for the kitchen. Kettle on, sat down to open the mail.

That’s when my great day ended. Horror upon horrors. My gas and electricity bill was horrendous!

Women looking at bills

How can it possibly be this much? I’ll need to dip into my holiday fund to pay it. Well that did it for me, the thought of having to use some of my holiday money to pay a bill forced me into action. I spent the best part of the day looking at comparison sites. In the end, I took the plunge and, switched to the cheapest supplier. I had never even heard of this supplier before, but I was determined to save money on my future energy bills.

I found it pretty straight forward to switch. I had my previous bills to hand, which meant I had all the information I needed. I had never paid by Direct Debit before, but this payment method was giving me the best deals. Also, it meant I would never get a big bill again.

It’s all looking good. My new supplier sent me an email giving me the start date. All I need to do is give them my meter readings on the day.

The big day arrived in the middle of March. I was just happy to know my bills were going to be cheaper. All I have to do now is go to their website to put in my meter readings. Frustration is putting it mildly, I can’t enter my readings on the website. Okay, “calm down” I can phone them.

Press 1, press 2. La la la la la la. 20 minutes later “Your call is important to us blah blah blah”. 48 minutes later. “what do you mean, you can’t deal with my enquiry?”. My account starts with you today, I need to give my meter readings.

I decided just to email my readings to  the new supplier in the hope they would deal with it.

Things went from bad to worse. They took my first payment in advance on the actual start date. They then increased my Direct Debit by more than 50% in June. I tried phoning them on numerous occasions. I was spending almost as much in phone calls as I thought I would be saving.

I have long since left that supplier. I even had to get the Ombudsman involved to get my credit back. Now I know why I never switched supplier before!

Lesson learned

I thought that experience would have put me off switching supplier ever again. But it has done quite the opposite. I now switch to the best deal with any of the better known suppliers.

All is good with me now. I get home from dropping the kids off at school and, I do enjoy that cup of coffee without any stress.

Moral of the story

Do your research and, switch wisely.

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