Atlantic Fixed Price 3 tariff

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Atlantic Fixed Price 3 tariff

Martins’ expert energy review

For: Fixed price tariff – Parent company SSE voted no.1 for customer satisfaction – Largest producer of renewable energy in UK

Against: 8.33% of the discount comes as a free month after 12 months customer loyalty ( Not too concerned about this though )

What would I do: This is the one to go for if you are looking for a fixed price tariff. Bear in mind that EDF  have not as yet, at the time of this post, increased Their prices. It is inevitable that they will have a price increase soon.

Martin suggest’s: Get an accurate quote for this tariff by visiting one of the Consumer Focus accredited comparison sites. You will find a list of these in the right hand column

Further information: If you are looking for the Kwh unit rate for this deal, visit one of the comparison sites. You will then get access to the kwh unit price after you enter your postcode, and your current tariff details!

End review

Tariff Notes

  • The prices are fixed for 12 months from the date your electricity account goes live
  • Available only to new customers through Internet Comparison Sites
  • Only available via Atlantic brand (i.e. not available under the regional brands Southern Electric, Scottish Hydro and SWALEC)
  • Paperless billing only
  • Online account management, including meter readings through SSE’s online service
  • Payment by Fixed Monthly Direct Debit only
  • No Standing Charge
  • Dual fuel or electricity only.
  • If you leave the tariff at any time before the end of 12 months an early exit fee of £35 will be applied
  • After the end of the 12 month term, the tariff reverts to the existing Atlantic ‘Standard Online’ tariff

Tariff Discounts

Monthly direct debit customers will receive a ‘one month free’ incentive rebate, which is paid in month 13 after 12 months’ continuous supply, and annually thereafter. The rebate amount is based on the monthly average of total payments for energy consumption made over the preceding 12 months. Note: the discount has been included in your cost and savings figures on the basis of an 8.33% discount on the annual bill.

Discounts above include VAT and are included in your savings and cost figures unless specifically stated otherwise.

Atlantic Details

Atlantic are part of the Scottish and Southern Energy Group.

Today Scottish and Southern Energy are one of the largest energy suppliers in the UK with four separate brands, Southern Electric, SWALEC, Scottish Hydro-Electric and most recently Atlantic Electric and Gas.

Atlantic’s parent company, Scottish and Southern Energy, were also ranked “No.1 U.K. Domestic Electricity and Gas Supplier in Customer Satisfaction’ by J.D. Power and Associates.


  • colin lamb (#)
    August 3rd, 2011

    You are wrong. In the T&C’s it is only fixed to the end of Aug 11.

    I went to Atlantic in Feb 11 on adice from this site.

    Now I have advice that the prices are going to rise.

    You got it wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Martin Ramsey
      Martin Ramsey (#)
      August 3rd, 2011

      Hi Colin
      Thanks for your comment
      Sorry you think I got it wrong!
      Your price is fixed for 12 months with this tariff from the time you went live it. (Your price won’t increase until you have been with them for 12 months)

      Atlantic prices are increasing along with all the Scottish & Southern Energy prices.

      All suppliers are increasing their prices.

      I would say you have done ok Colin!

      Speak with me again when your tariff comes to an end. I will advise you what I would do under your circumstances.

      Kind regards


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