Switch energy supplier for cheaper bills

When you switch your gas and electricity supplier the following happens

  1. Your new supplier will give you a cooling off period – normally 7 days or more – just in case you change your mind.
  2. After the cooling off period, your new supplier will contact your existing supplier, giving them 28 days notice that you are switching supplier.
  3. Your current supplier will contact your new supplier with a release date.
  4. Your new supplier will contact you with your start date
  5. Your new supplier will ask you to provide meter readings on your start date
  6. Your old supplier will send you a final bill covering your consumption up to the point of your final meter readings.
  7. If you are in credit, then will send your money to you. If you owe your old supplier any money they will bill you for it.

The whole process takes about 6 weeks, and there is nothing for you to do really, apart from provide your meter readings.

You keep the same meters, pipes and wires. The only things that change, are the price you pay and the name of the supplier, and customer service!

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