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Flying from all their UK based Airports When jet2 and jet2holidays have any voucher codes available, you can access them from this page.

Energy Advisory Service UK endorse jet2 flights due to the lower CO2 emissions that are created. Because you have chosen a short haul flight instead of a long haul flight, you are helping to reduce our carbon emissions.


This page is updated daily – Access to Current vouchers or offers are listed below.



Reduced carbon flight finder

Current offers with Jet2 Holidays, can be found with this deal finder. Click to search for top offers


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New voucher promo discount voucher codes for 2013

Please note: You can only use the voucher code which is relevant to either jet2 or jet2 holidays!

Jet 2 Holidays voucher

[drpcoupon name=”jet2holidays Antalya voucher” exclude=”expiration”]

Jet 2 Flights only voucher

[drpcoupon name=”10% off winter summer flights” exclude=”expiration”]

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