best cashback sites for gas & electricity switching

Tricky business this cashback when you buy on the internet

I hear horror stories every day about People not getting cashback when it is promised. After all, this is cashback imagewhy you used that sites services in the first place, because you were getting more for your money.

One of the main problems for cashback failing to materialise, is due to tracking issues. It can be very hit & miss.

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  • TJ (#)
    February 21st, 2013

    I switched my gas & electricity to Scottish Power and the site I used was a link from ‘Martin’s Money Tips’ Upon successful switchover I should have received £40 cashback for Gas and £40 cashback for electricity.
    After having to make inquiries as to where the cashback had got to, I have just received and Email saying that is is for only £15 in total……
    What a rip off

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