which comparison site offers the best deal for switching gas & electricity

11 May 2012 updated Who is the best energy comparison site

to compare energy prices and switch to your cheapest gas and electricity supplier

Choosing which comparison site to switch your energy supplier can be confusing, as there are a great many of them. I find it easier to break them down into trusted categories.

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  • First of all make sure you use a Consumer Focus accredited comparison site. These sites have to follow a strict set of rules, and there are not that many which have this accreditation.
  • Then choose the best from these sites. We have made this easy for you by reviewing these sites. See review
  • Don’t waste your time going to different comparison sites for quotes. It is the energy supplier’s who set the prices. The comparison sites have no control over this.
  • Comparison sites will show in their adverts, different average savings, for example: Switch with us and save up to £543, or switch with us and save up to £468. These are based on savings which some of the energy switchers have saved. Your own personal savings will be based on your energy consumption, and will be the same on all the comparison sites.

Ps’ Grab a fixed price quickly, the cheapest one’s  are starting to disappear!

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To get the best user experience, and the most straight forward switching process, and ensure your details are kept secure, please use one of our highly recommended energy comparison sites for switching to your cheapest gas and electricity supplier

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