E.ON Fixed electricity and gas prices until 1st April 2013

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E.ON Residential has released their new offering:

  • Fixed electricity and gas prices until 1st April 2013
  • No extra cost to E.ON Energy Plan
  • Price as at 13 September 2011*
  • Pay by fixed monthly Direct Debit and get a 8% discount off your Fixed Price bill


* Prices are fixed at our standard E.ON EnergyPlan rates (as at 13/09/2011) until 01/04/2013. Your prices will not change from the contracted price within the term of your deal. Prices are fixed subject to regulatory or VAT changes. Available to Dual Fuel and Single Electricity (no mains gas) customers on standard and Economy 7 meters only. Excludes prepayment, Heatwise and restricted hour tariff meters. If you leave this product before 1 April 2013 you will be charged a cancellation fee of £30 and will not receive discounts on your final bill. Following the end date of 1 April 2013, we will switch you to a similar plan if available, or to our standard E.ON EnergyPlan product. We will contact you in advance to notify you of your new terms and conditions and prices.

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