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Green renewable energy, reducing our carbon footprint

green energyWith our natural energy resources dwindling away, it’s time we all took an interest in energy and the environment. Wind Farms are popping up everywhere these days, this is down to the Government pushing energy companies into meeting with with their targets for producing renewable electricity.

We are still a long way from our future energy, changing from non renewable energy, to new energy.

Going green is now becoming more important to People, as they consider our future generations. However, if you had the choice between renewable and nonrenewable energy, when it comes down to price, what would you put first? The problem here is, green technology comes at a price. After all someone has to pay for it!

Not only is green power energy more expensive from the suppliers. It is also expensive to produce yourself with the purchase of solar panels, or wind turbines. Or if you prefer, windmills, as many People are calling them.

Producing energy from Solar panels is becoming a very popular means of producing your own electricity. With the benefits of receiving payments in the form of the Feed in Tariff (This is where you get paid for producing green energy)

You may be lucky enough to get a grant toward the cost of a solar power system. There is a company which specialises in this field, and you are able to get quotes from many providers with them.

Visit  ECO expertslink for more information on this service.

With different types of energy available, you do have a choice. You can also choose which supplier to get your green power from. Comparison sites have a facility where you can get quotes for green sustainable energy. If you would like to get quotes for greenergy ( I think I just invented a new word)

 I suggest you pop over to UK Powerlink  Once you have got your quotes, just click on the green energy tab.

When you get quotes for your greenpower, check out the tariff details. In many cases, you can get £100 back for choosing renewable energy.

There are many ways you can help to reduce our carbon footprint, and help with environmental issues.


Carbon emissions from air travel are sky rocketing. Flying is already a major contributor to global CO2 emissions, and it’s on the rise. At current levels, planes cause at least six per cent of the UK’s total carbon dioxide emissions. But the Department for Transport estimates that this could rise to a third of all emissions by 2050, if the demand for air travel continues at present rate and we continue to make energy savings in other areas.


As well as an increase in the amount people fly, there has also been a rise in the proportion of long haul flights, which create significantly more CO2. A return long haul flight to Thailand releases over two tonnes of CO2 per passenger, which is more than most non flyers’ carbon footprint for a whole year. You can help with this by taking your holidays somewhere closer, such as Spain, or even in the UK (Don’t forget your wellies and brolly)

Also, if you fly from your nearest airport, you will be saving on your carbon footprint and reducing global warming, by not travelling so far by other means.

Jet2.comlink  now fly from many UK airports. In my experience their prices are very good. After all, I have to be responsible also. “OH” and I like to save money where I can as well! 

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