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18th Dec 2012 updated. Review for npower sign online 24

This tariff is now reaching the end of it’s term. End date is February 2013. npower will contact you to advise that you will be transferred to one of their Standard energy deals. Although you are free to switch your supplier when you are informed about price increases, you would be wise not to switch supplier until you have received all of your discounts. Npower pay you £105 if you have had dual fuel from them for 12 months.

End of update

npower sign online tariffs continue with this tariff from npower.

Going through the past records for these tariffs, and after checking through the terms and conditions, this is what we have came up with:

 Please note:

We are currently running a market research programme. If you would like to take part, we will reward you with £20 when you switch dual fuel to npower sign online 24. All you have to do is, tell us where you heard of this tariff in the comments below. Your comment will not be made visible to the public.

Once you have made your comment, you will see “YOUR COMMENT IS AWAITING MODERATION” After you see this, click on this npower link npower logo

It takes up to 90 days for npower to provide us with final confirmation of your switch. As soon as they have verified with us that you have switched from another supplier to npower for dual fuel, we will make a payment of £20 to you, just for telling us where you heard of this tariff!

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On the positive side, sign online 24 is amongst the cheapest energy prices. The only let down is that you have to wait 12 months before you receive all the discount.

Terms and conditions for sign online 24

Sign Online 24 could bring you cheaper gas and electricity
prices online until the 3rd February 2013.

At least 2% cheaper than our standard variable charges
(namely our new higher prices effective 1st October 2011 or any subsequent
change to them) for the average dual fuel customer. Annual charges for other
customers including those taking only one fuel will vary and may be higher than
our standard charges. Prices aren’t fixed or capped, so may vary during the
offer period. After 3rd February 2013 customers will revert to our standard
variable online tariff with standing charge – Go Save S. If you pay for both
fuels by Direct Debit, continuously for twelve months, you’ll receive £100
annual Direct Debit discount. You’ll need to manage your account online which
means you can view your bills and send meter readings.

Sign Online 24: Requires a residential contract
with npower for electricity and/or gas on our Sign Online 24 tariff entered
between start date to be confirmed and 03/02/2013, paying by monthly direct debit. Offer subject
to availability and may be withdrawn at any time.

Discount to standard:Sign Online 24 charges
are guaranteed to be 2% lower for the average dual fuel direct debit customer,
on an annual basis, than our standard (off-line) variable direct debit charges
until 6th November 2012. This is based on a customer with a typical annual
average electricity consumption of 3,300kWh and gas consumption of 16,500kWh.
Includes the annual dual fuel direct debit discount and VAT at the reduced rate
of 5%. Actual discount/premium to our standard tariff will vary according to
fuels taken, applicability of discounts, and by region and consumption. npower’s
Direct Debit discounts are applied to accounts on or before the final day of the
12 month period starting when you became eligible, provided you pay continuously
in this way.

***Your annual discount: If you pay by monthly
Direct Debit continuously for 12 months we’ll give you a discount off your bill
(£100 if you buy both electricity and gas, £50 if you buy just gas or £40 if you
buy just electricity). Your discount will be credited to your account on or
before the last day of the 12th month after becoming eligible and then on or
before the same last day of each year you continue to pay this way. Dual fuel
customers must pay for both fuels in one combined payment and accept a combined
dual fuel statement to receive a Dual Fuel discount. Certain tariffs are
excluded. If you don’t pay by Direct Debit and you receive any discount that is
equivalent to our Direct Debit discount, this equivalent discount will be
replaced by the Direct Debit discount if you switch to Direct Debit payment.
Subject to change.

Your monthly payment amount: In your first year
with npower any product or payment discounts you’re entitled to will also be
built into your monthly payment amount. Please remember, if you decide to leave
us or stop meeting the conditions of the discount, e.g. you stop paying by
Direct Debit, before the end of the first 12 months, you won’t receive your
discount and you may find your monthly payments haven’t covered the energy
you’ve used.

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