british gas websaver 14

Martins’ expert energy review for websaver 14

The latest in The British Gas Websaver tariffs is websaver 14. As with the previous websaver tariffs, this promises to be just as competitive.

There are no downsides as such, but:

If you choose to switch to this energy deal, don’t forget, it is an online introductory offer. You will have to pay a get out fee if you leave before the tariff end date

These cheaper online tariffs are designed to bring in new customers for the energy suppliers.

At the end of the tariff you will be transferred to their standard online tariff.

So, is it any good this websaver 14 from British Gas?

As far as this review is concerned. Then yes, this new websaver tariff is as good as any, but check your tariff prices when it comes to an end.

If you have decided to go with this deal from British Gas, then please consider switching via the green start button in the right hand column. We will then donate on your behalf, £5 (at our own expense) to the Erskine Hospital. Also, if you leave a comment below, stating you would like us to make this donation, we will inform the Hospital of your generosity.

Start date to be confirmed

WebSaver 14 is for customers who agree to manage their bills online, take paperless billing and pay by Direct Debit. This is an exclusive offer available online.

  • Minimum 6% discount on British Gas Tier 2 Standard tariff rates until  end date. The discount level will vary by region.
  • Mandatory Paperless Billing.
  • Ability to pay, view and amend accounts online.
    • Cancellation fee of £30 gas and £30 electricity should you wish to cancel prior to tariff end date. Cancellation fees are inclusive of VAT.

British Gas reserve the right to transfer you onto their current standard variable rates if you fail to sign up to online account management and paperless billing within the first 8 weeks of coming onto supply with them and/or signing up to the WebSaver 14 product.

Customers may move onto another product or to British Gas Standard tariff rates at the end of the discount period.

  • Unit prices are per kWh per annum
  • All prices include VAT at 5%


This tariff is due to end on to be confirmed but that this may not be the case. You may therefore be transferred to a different and possibly more expensive tariff or lose the benefits/discounts of the tariff   
Supplier notes Supplier notes
British Gas supplies gas and electricity to UK residential and business customers, provides central heating and gas appliance installation and maintenance and low-carbon and energy efficient products and services. In addition they provide expert, hassle-free care that takes care of their kitchen appliances, home electrics and plumbing and drains.British Gas is the biggest energy supplier in Britain’s domestic market. Operating under the British Gas brand (Scottish Gas in Scotland), they have more than 6 million customers as an electricity supplier and accounts for approx. 50% of the UK domestic gas market.

British Gas has more than 12,000 staff in their UK based call centres and over 8,000 highly trained, CORGI registered engineers.

Their website allows customers to manage their bills, protect their homes, obtain advice on home improvement and help when moving home.

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