first utility isave v12 review

28th Oct 2012 updated – Energy expert Martin takes a look at this tariff from First Utilty

isave v9 review

This tariff is no longer available to new customers

Please see our updated review of First:Utility here

For: Shows up on comparison sites as being the cheapest in many cases.

Against: Only available to home owners – Not available to many new build homes – Discount of 13% is only payable (by refund) after you have paid by Direct Debit for 12 consecutive months – very high standing charges


These are the quotes I got on the date of this post

These quotes are now out of date


 first utiltyiSave v9 dual fuel£1,028Apply here
 get quotes from npowerSign Online 24£1,032Apply here
 get quotes from npowerFootball Online£1,048Apply here
 get quotes from npowerGo Fix 8
£100 of Love2shop vouchers on top of savings
£1,068Apply here
 get quotes from eonE.ON SaveOnline 11£1,078Apply here



Tariff Notes


  • 13% discount for those customers who take both gas and electric with first:utility.
  • Fixed prices for 3 months from date of registration.
  • No cancellation fees. However customers will lose any dual fuel discount or loyalty bonus accrued if they leave first:utility.
  • Customers will receive an email to prompt them to submit a meter reading online.
  • Available with monthly direct debit payments only.
  • Monthly Direct Debit only

Tariff Discounts

Dual fuel discount of 13% payable annually after 12 consecutive Direct Debit payments (included in price displayed). The dual fuel discount is capped at £80 (inc VAT) for electricity and £100 (inc VAT) for gas. This discount is paid annually and is subject to a minimum spend of £600 per annum. Customers who leave within the first year will not receive these discounts.


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