most expensive energy tariffs

Find out if you are on an expensive tariff for your gas & electricity


Check the tariffs below to find out which ones are the most expensive energy deals.

If you find the tariff you are on, then get yourself onto a cheaper online deal

 SupplierTariff nameAverage price £
 EDF Standard 1242
 npower Standard 1233
 e.on Standard energyplan 1237
 Scottish Power Online no standing charge 1247
 Scottish Power online 1247
 Scottish Power No standing charge 1258
 Scottish PowerStandard account 1258
 Scottish Power
 Co-operative Pioneer paper billing 1158
 First UtilitySmart as Standard 1163
 SSENo standing charge 1248
 SSE Standard 1248
 British GasClear and simple 1252
 British Gas Standard Tariff 1252
 British Gas Standard with energy smart 1252
 Utility Warehouse medium user tariff 1269
 Sainsburys Standard tariff1252
 First Utility Smart homes variable dual fuel 1212
 Ebico Standard Equi1283
 Ecotricity new energy 1412
Good EnergyGood Energy & gas+1322

This chart has been provided to give you an idea of the most expensive energy tariffs.

There are some other tariffs which would fit in this category, but I have not listed them because they come with other benefits such as:

  • A fair price for fixed price deals
  • Football tickets with some npower deals
  • Boiler mantenance with some Scottish Power tariffs
  • Green energy deals at a fair price

These prices were calculated in the Scottish Power region. They are based on average consumption of 3300 KWH electricity, 16500 KWH gas.

SSE includes – Scottish Hydro Electric, SWALEC, Atlantic energy, Southern Electric, Marks and spencers

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