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The survey answers relate to the following:


1. Most likely paying standard energy prices – This is the default tariff, and the most expensive!

2. Most likely paying standard energy prices – This is the default tariff, and the most expensive!

3. This depends where you switched – If you switched through an energy sales person, you are likely to be on standard energy prices. Or, if you conducted the switch yourself through an energy comparison site, you will be on a cheaper online deal!

4. Unless you are on a fixed price, which you arranged yourself through a comparison site, you are most likely now on a more expensive standard tariff!



The percentage figures above do not represent the general population. However, they do represent this sites users who took part in this survey.

If you took part in the survey, we thank you for your contribution.

Comments left on the survey.

The survey and the comments are anonymous!

“Privatising essential services is like taxing the consumers including poor and old to make even more rich tiers of management”

“British gas are ripping me off”

“I was put on the wrong tariff when I switched my account to Scottish Power [from E.On] One year later I am still trying to obtain the discount I should have had. It is impossible to speak to the same person and I have had a succession of calls going over the same ground. The process is far to complex and the default option always seems to favour the supplier.”

“Contracts and cancellation fees reduce competitive opportunities!”

“the price has almost doubled since then tho, so i’m thinking of switching my supplier again. edf seems like a very good deal!”

“needs some clear, honest comparisons”

“I found it relatively easy to switch”




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