free amazon gift certificate when you switch energy supplier

Free gifts when you switch energy supplier

This offer has now been discontinued, and is replaced by our rewards for reviews offer. See the new offer here

Every now and then, we run a promotion. When we operate the free amazon gift certificate promotion, you will see the links in the right hand column of this site. These offers are available to our tariff watch members, Twitter and Facebook followers. If you are ready to switch your supplier to any of the suppliers shown on the offer, you may join our tariff watch scheme today, and you will benefit from the free gift certificate and much more!

These promotions are the sole responsibility of Energy Advisory Service UK. Therefore, any queries regarding these promotions should be directed to ourselves through our contact page, “you will find this at the bottom of the page”


If you decline to accept cookies from this website, and any website you visit after clicking a link from this website, we will not be able to track your energy switch, or any purchase you may make. If we cannot track your transaction, we will not be able to make any awards to you, such as free gifts, or amazon gift certificates when available.

amazon gift

See these Gift Certificates at amazon


Amazon, the energy suppliers, or any comparison site will not be able to deal with any queries regarding our promotions.

To ensure you do qualify for a gift certificate, please follow this procedure.

1. Click on the link for your chosen voucher (this will open an electronic form)

2. Add the required information to the form.

3. Click the button which says “Claim gift and switch” This will open another website, either your chosen energy supplier, or a comparison site.

4. Switch your energy supplier through the page which opened after you clicked “Claim gift and switch”

5. Three things happen when you click “Claim gift and switch”

1. Another website opens

2. We receive your order for the amazon gift certificate

3. You receive a confirmation email that we have received your order

If you switched your supplier directly after following the above procedure, we will receive notice that you have done so.

These free gift certificates are only available if you switched dual fuel (both your gas and electricity) from one energy supplier to another energy supplier. They are not available if you just changed your tariff with your existing energy supplier.

The energy suppliers can take up to 90 days to give us final confirmation of your successful energy switch. As soon as we receive final confirmation, we will email your free amazon gift certificate to the email address you have told us about.


  • Qadir (#)
    July 19th, 2012

    Thanks for the voucher – a lovely and appreciated incentive (and saving) for transferring my energy supplier.

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