Interesting energy consumption facts

How much energy do the things in your home consume?

We take a look at individual appliance types, including tumble dryers and TV’s. We have based the following figures on a fairly average consumption.

I think you will be surprised at the cost of running your electrical products at home. It’s a bit of an eye opener.

Did you ever wonder why you use so much electricity? If you are a high electricity consumer, then you may find this information useful.

These are just some typical examples of high energy consumption electrical goods in your home.

You could shave a few hundred pounds off your electricity bill by changing some of your appliances, and switching to a cheaper online energy deal


Standard energy cost per yearOnline energy cost per year
tumble dryerTumble Dryer Ditch it£180.00£125.00
clothes airer

Energy saving Dryer

Get one

 kettleKettleDitch it£140.00£100.00
 breville one cupEnergy saving kettle Get one£35.00£25.00
 plasma tv42” Plasma TV Ditch it£132.00£92.00
 3d tv42” 3D LED TV Get One£26.00£18.00

All prices are approximate. Energy prices vary between regions. Savings shown are based on potential savings which can be achieved by using an energy efficient appliance, and switching to a cheaper online deal.


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