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SSE announce 9 % price increase

SSE, formerly, Scottish and Southern energy announce price increase

There is a way you can avoid these increases. I’ll explain this in a moment. Meantime, these increases will apply to customers of:

Ian Marchant

Scottish Hydro Electric

Southern Electric


Marks and Spencer Energy

Atlantic Energy

SSE are the second largest energy supplier in the UK. With 9 Million customer accounts, these 9% increases will add around an extra £100 per year to each customers energy bills.

SSE have already removed themselves from the competitive market, by removing all their cheaper online energy deals. This is just another kick in the teeth for their customers who are reluctant to switch to a cheaper deal.

SSE have caught onto the fact that many of their customers will stick with them, no matter what they charge. This just gives them confidence to charge whatever they like.

Say “NO” to these increases. And get yourself onto a cheaper fixed price deal.

Scottish Power and EDF Energy have a great fixed price deal with no get out penalties if you change your mind later.

Get a quote, and Ditch the greedy fat cats at SSE

Visit Scottish Power

Visit EDF Energy

I asked Scottish Power what they had to say about this. The following information was provided by Scottish Power!


Energy Prices To Rise 9%

SSE today announced that they will be increasing their gas and electricity prices by 9% or £119 from 15th October 2012.

The increase will add an extra £119 (average) to 8.4 million customers’ annual standard dual fuel bill, which will increase from £1,235 to £1,354 as a result.

Scottish Power Currently Offer Cheapest Fixed Rate Deal!

  • Scottish Power curretly offer the UK’s cheapest fixed rate energy product
  • Fixed until 31st October 2013
  • No early cancellation fees
  • Guaranteed Period
  • Online account management
  • Average cost of £1051.86

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