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Usage at start up

Postcode PA2 7YT is in the Scottish Power region

Your current tariff information, and quotes will be removed after you switch energy supplier

SupplierBritish GasScottish Power
PaymentPay On Receipt Of BillPay On Receipt Of Bill
Cost£772.68 (inc. VAT)£551.35 (inc. VAT)
Standing ChargeNo standing charge27.01p (ex. VAT) a day 28.36p (inc. VAT) a day or approx. £26 (inc. VAT) per quarter
Unit Rate8.224p (ex. VAT) per kWh for the first 2680 kWh p.a.
8.635p (inc. VAT) per kWh
3.730p (ex. VAT) per kWh for the remaining usage 3.917p (inc. VAT) per kWh
13.076p (ex. VAT) per kWh 13.730p (inc. VAT) per kWh
DiscountsIf you pay your bill within 14 days of the date on the bill you will receive a discount of 1.7% off your next bill’s gas consumption charges up to a maximum of £3.75 per quarterly bill. This discount is not included in the results.A daily Prompt Payer discount of 5.218p (excl. VAT), 5.479p (incl. VAT) may be available to customers who pay quarterly by cash, cheque or postal order if they pay their bills within 24 days of the date of issue shown on the bills. (This discount has not been included in the price displayed)

Quotes based on usage F = FIXED PRICE V = VARIABLE

npowerEnergy Online January 2014V31/01/2014£1,042Apply here
OVO Energy New Energy FixedF12 months£1,056Apply here
npower Bill Saver November 2013V30/11/2013£1,068Apply here
E.ON E.ON SaveOnline 12V12 Months£1,103Apply here
British GasOnline Variable Nov 2013V30/11/2013£1,104Apply here
British GasOnline Variable Nov 2013 with EnergySmartV30/11/2013£1,104Apply here
OVO Energy Green Energy FixedF12 months£1,106Apply here
npower Go Fix January 2014F31/01/2014£1,107Apply here
E.ONE.ON Energy Discount 2013V12 months£1,112Apply here

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These useful tools will help you have a better understanding of your energy usage.

Gas Usage  Converter

Electricity Calculator

How long can I watch my TV for 10p

Energy Saving electrical products

Don’t forget, you will receive a free plug in energy monitor when you switch supplier

Use the comment section at the bottom of the page to keep a record of you meter readings. You will find this handy when you go to use the energy calculators!

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