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Helping to cut Carbon Emissions

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  Just by using this website, you have helped to reduce the effect of climate change. The servers which we run Energy Advisory Service from are powered by wind power. You can continue to help with reducing Carbon emissions by going through any of our links to switch your energy supplier, or get your new phone contract. We use our profits to support energy saving projects. This means that for every person who uses this website, then goes on to sign up to a new contract through our links, you are making a positive step to reduce climate change!

If you care about the environment, then you will probably be interested in what we do with any income we generate!

If you make a purchase after clicking on one of our links which takes you to another website, we receive a referral commission. After we have paid for the running costs of this website, we distribute any profits to individuals, or groups to purchase energy saving products!

In the past, we have distributed the following products to individuals

Energy Monitors

Energy saving bulbs

Eco dryer balls


Our current projects

wind turbine Scottish Woodland Community are in the process of planning a Woodland Croft in the North of Scotland. Funding won’t cover the cost of a wind turbine. This is where the users of this website can help. The Community need to raise £260,000 to get a wind turbine installed.

When you switch your energy supplier, or sign up to a new mobile phone contract after clicking on a link from this website, we will give the profits earned from you, to the community project!

Referral links

If you would like to help with our support for this project (at no extra cost to yourself), you can get a list of the links HERE