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Top mobile phone provider review submitted by Jason 12th July 2012:

Talkmobile – 100% satisfied that my contract with this joke of a company has come to an end. I have never been so much frustrated in all my life. Joke 1. trying to get the promised cashback is designed to be extremely difficult, to the extent that you just give up. Joke 2. Trying to contact customer service is a total waste of time, they are ignorant, and offer no help whatsoever. Joke 3. My original contract was for £7.50 a month. My bill was never less than £30.

Our response to this review:

  1. Never rely on cashback deals. They are designed to encourage to buy from that company, and you don’t always receive the cash!
  2. Stick with one of the major reputable phone providers!
  3. Get a deal which is giving you plenty of internet data usage!

t-mobile full montyThe usual dilemma when choosing a mobile phone contract, is deciding which tariff to go for. As long as you have an idea of how many text messages you send, and how many minutes of calls you make each month, you will have a good idea of which type of calls and text plan to go for. The main problem with mobile tariffs these days, is that there’s not enough data allowance with most of them. Modern phones are more like a hand held computer, and with Friend streaming connections from Social Media sites, you are constantly connected to the internet (unless you switch the internet off).

The problem with cheaper deals.

I hear consumers complain about this day in and day out. You have signed up to a great phone contract for only £12 per month. But the actual bill is in excess of £70. It really is false economy going for these cheaper phone tariffs if you want to keep in touch with your Friends on Facebook and Twitter. The amount of data you would be using, will be well in excess of your allowance. So if you don’t get a plan which is going to give you as much data as you can possibly get, you will end up spending more.

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