Energy prices South Scotland

Energy prices in the Scottish Power region

supply numberThe South of Scotland energy networks are operated by Scottish Power.  In the past, when Scottish Power were conducting doorstep marketing in the region, they were portraying themselves as the main supplier. This is not entirely true. The company are responsible for the delivery of your electricity through their cables in your region.

Before privatisation of the energy suppliers, they were known as the South of Scotland  Electricity Board. A proportion of your energy bill charge goes to Scottish Power for local delivery of electricity to your home if you live in this distribution area!


If you are ever asked for your supply number, and you wonder what it is, the image is a description of your meter point administration number, also known as your supply number. The number which is circled in red indicates the district network operators region. The South of Scotland is ID 18. You will find this number on your energy bill.

Some points on energy prices

  • Standard energy, is your suppliers default energy prices. They are the most expensive tariffs.
  • Online discounted prices are in place to encourage you to switch to a cheaper energy deal.
  • The Government deregulated the energy suppliers in order to create competition in the energy market. If you don’t switch supplier, your energy prices will remain high.
  • £4 Billion in discounted energy deals go unclaimed each year because many consumers don’t bother to take advantage of cheaper energy deals.
  • Your supplier won’t reward you with a loyalty bonus for sticking with them. They will just continue to charge you standard prices if you don’t take matters into your own hands by switching to a cheaper deal with another supplier.

Standard Prices

SupplierScottish PowerScottish Power
PaymentMonthly Direct DebitMonthly Direct Debit
Cost£735.59 (inc. VAT)£522.01 (inc. VAT)
Standing Charge26.09p (ex. VAT) a day 27.40p (inc. VAT) a day or approx. £25 (inc. VAT) per quarter26.09p (ex. VAT) a day 27.40p (inc. VAT) a day or approx. £25 (inc. VAT) per quarter
Unit Rate3.699p (ex. VAT) per kWh 3.884p (inc. VAT) per kWh)12.331p (ex. VAT) per kWh 12.948p (inc. VAT) per kWh
DiscountFor taking both gas and electric you receive a dual fuel discount of £10.50 per annum.

Online Discounted Prices

TariffiSave Fixed v4 March 2014iSave Fixed v4 March 2014
PaymentMonthly Direct DebitMonthly Direct Debit
Cost£642.78 (inc. VAT)£411.27 (inc. VAT)
Standing Charge22.70p (ex. VAT) a day 23.84p (inc. VAT) a day or approx. £22 (inc. VAT) per quarter20.00p (ex. VAT) a day 21.00p (inc. VAT) a day or approx. £19 (inc. VAT) per quarter
Unit Rate3.208p (ex. VAT) per kWh 3.368p (inc. VAT) per kWh)9.657p (ex. VAT) per kWh 10.140p (inc. VAT) per kWh
DiscountThere are no discounts available.

Prices explained

The total prices shown are based on average energy consumption of 3300 KWH electricity, and 16500 KWH gas. You should get quotes based on your own actual consumption.

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