Energy price increases

Is there going to be a price increase on gas and electricity?

turn the heating down image Get ready to turn the heating down.

All the indicators are pointing toward more increases on our gas and electricity bills. It’s all too easy to blame these increases on the energy suppliers, but there’s more to this than meets the eye.

The Government may be hiding all the revenue they make through our energy bills. Just because the VAT has never increased above 5%, doesn’t mean that’s all we are paying in revenue!

£100 Billion of new business is on the cards from the North Sea. The Government expect £25 Billion of this to go into their coffers.

This is just a small proportion of the hidden extra costs we are paying to our energy bills. So you can see why it’s all too easy to blame the energy suppliers.

Can we do anything about it?

Not a lot unfortunately, but you can reduce the impact slightly by helping yourself to a good fixed price energy deal. One of the safest deals is with EDF, on their Blue + Price Promise. There is no get out penalty with this tariff, which means you can leave it if a better deal becomes available. You can get more information by visiting EDF direct by clicking here

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