Who compares energy prices to switch supplier

So, who is more inclined to switch to a cheaper energy deal after after they have compared their prices?


smart woman comparing energy pricesWe did some research on the subject, who was more likely to compare energy prices and switch their supplier. It turns out, it’s pretty much one sided, which family member is more concerned about forever increasing energy prices.

77% of our energy switchers are women. The majority of those are in the age group between 40 and 65 years of age.

I must say, that I’m not particularly surprised at this fact. Middle aged women are taking better control of the household budget than us men.

Men seem to dither about too much when it comes to switching to a cheaper energy deal. Where women just take the bull by the horns, and take physical action by checking out the cheaper energy deals, then following through, by completing the energy switch.

I find it a little odd, that we men are struggling to understand the benefits of switching energy supplier. At one time in the past, it seemed to be women who were afraid of change. But how things have changed.

Thank goodness our women can take control of these things. Leave them to it, they are doing a better job than us. If it means leaving more money in our bank account for things which are more important like holidays, or whatever we choose to spend our money on, you go girl!


How do we know about women switching supplier?

We compiled this information via analytics which are available through our Facebook account

The figures on this post were correct at the time of posting

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