How to get a mobile phone contract when you have been rejected.

Declined for a mobile phone contract?

Girl using tin can as phoneAll is not lost! There is a way you can fix this issue. The trick here is, not to go for the most expensive smartphone, or iphone. Because these phones are so expensive, the phone providers are being over cautious when they allocate new contracts.


How to get a phone contract:

  1. To start with, get a sim only contract. These are easier to get, as there are no expensive phones involved.
  2. After you have made 3 or 4 months payments on time for your contract, your provider will have gained some trust in you. At this point, you can upgrade to a contract with a phone.
  3. Your first upgrade should be for one of the cheaper smartphones. Don’t go for an expensive phone at this point, otherwise you may be rejected again.
  4. After you have proved to your provider that you are not a risk for them, you can upgrade to one of the most up to date phones. This is best done after you have made regular payments on your existing contract for about 1 year.

What to get:

Because we use our phones to connect to the internet so much these days, anything without unlimited data usage can be very costly. It’s all to easy to go over your data limit and incur extra charges.

  1. Get a sim only with unlimited data. T-Mobile do this for £21 a month [drpcoupon name=”T-Mobile unlimited data only £16″ exclude=”expiration”]
  2. Get a smartphone that fits within your budget. You will find a great selection here affordable smartphones
  3. And that’s all there is to it. Follow this guide and you will be well on your way to getting a regular mobile phone contract which allows you more freedom than PAYG.

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