Free mobile phone

Get a basic phone for free

Okay it’s a pretty basic phone, but for free, it’s going to be just the thing for many people who don’t want all the features of an expensive mobile phone.

free mobile phone

Why choose the Samsung E1230?

  • Lots of handy features

    With the Samsung E1230, you’ll have loads of convenient tools at your fingertips. Use the personal organiser to simplify your life and stay on track with your busy schedule. There’s even a calculator to help out with tricky numbers.

  • Talking and texting made easy

    The Samsung E1230 makes talking and texting on-the-move easy. Its bright screen makes texting simple, and with a vibrating alert, you can receive texts and calls discretely. There’s also a loudspeaker feature for hands-free talking, so you can chat and multi-task.

  • Enjoy music on-the-go

    With its FM radio feature, you’ll never have to miss music when you’re out and about. The 3.5mm audio jack ensures that you’ll be able to plug in your favourite ear phones to enjoy music all day, no matter where you go.

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