Free electricity from British Gas

Is it really worth switching to British Gas for free electricity on Saturdays?

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British Gas, Known as Scottish Gas in Scotland, is set to offer a tariff that gives customers free electricity on Saturdays. Demand for power is relatively low at the weekend,  so the move has been seen by some experts as a means of encouraging alteration to usage habits. Great, do all your washing, ironing, microwaving and TV watching on a Saturday and you’re in business. But there are two caveats. One is that it will only be on offer early next year to customers with a smart meter and the other is that the unit rate for electricity on weekdays will be more expensive.

UK Power (One of the first energy comparison sites) have done some sums and think the tariff would take £52.64 off the average energy bill, which is more or less exactly the saving that could be made by switching from British Gas’s standard tariff to their cheapest one right now. So, taking immediate action instead of waiting for the free Saturdays would mean an extra four months of saving and wouldn’t require any change in household behaviour. Maybe switching to a tariff without an eye-catching gimmick is the answer!

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