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Scottish Power Discounted energy deals



Scottish Power continue to offer fantastic online energy deals with their Online Energy Saver 23. If you haven’t switched to a cheaper online energy deal within the last 12 months, you could do a lot worse than switching to Scottish Power.


  • Amongst the cheapest online energy deals
  • Reputable energy supplier
  • No IGT charge


  • Not a fixed price deal
  • Penalty for early termination

What would I do?

Although this is not a fixed price deal, I would still sign up for it. The fact that Scottish Power’s Online Energy Saver 23 is showing up amongst the cheapest energy deals makes it very attractive.

To avoid sharing my details with a third party comparison site, I would sign up direct through the Scottish Power website


Tariff information

  • Prices will remain 7.1% cheaper than Scottish Power’s Standard prices until 30th September 2014.
  • Variable rate tariff – energy prices may go up or down.
  • Online billing – view your bills online.
  • Monthly Direct Debit only.
  • Dual fuel or electric only available – there is no gas only option.
  • No IGT charges.
  • Early termination fees apply: £25 (inc. VAT) for gas, £25 (inc. VAT) for electricity (a total of £50 for dual fuel).†
  • Notes: This tariff is not available with prepayment meters. Annual consumption is limited to £9,999 worth of electricity and £6,000 worth of gas. With freedom to move to another Scottish Power product.

Scottish Power Details

The Scottish Power Group supplies utility services to millions of customers across Great Britain and the Western United States of America. Their combined sales total nearly £6.5 billion. Scottish Power’s ten year record since privatisation has included significant organic growth as well as key acquisitions in the UK and US utilities sectors.

Scottish Power are one of the UK’s “Big 6” energy suppliers, serving 3.5 million homes. They have been supplying homes with Gas and Electricity for over 50 years. Scottish Power not only generate electricity, but also operate and maintain large power delivery networks, and provide a full range of energy supply services, including metering, billing and call centre support. They have named themselves ‘The Energy People’.

Details correct at time of publication

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