British Gas price increase 2013

British Gas have announced a price increase of 9.2%

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Centrica, the parent company of British Gas and Scottish Gas, have announced an increase of 8.4% on gas and 10.4% on electricity – from 23 November 20131. These increases will add around £100 a year on average to household energy bills.

Consumers who are on fixed price tariffs won’t be affected by these increases until their tariff comes to an end.

British Gas, say:

I know these are difficult times for many customers and totally understand the frustration that so many household costs keep on rising when incomes aren’t keeping pace. We haven’t taken this decision lightly, but what’s pushing up energy prices at the moment are costs that are not all directly under our control, such as the global price of energy, charges that we have to pay for using the national grid that delivers energy to the home, and the cost of the Government’s social and environmental programmes.

EAS UK, Say:

With rising energy prices eating into our hard earned income, we should all do our bit to help reduce costs. Now is a good time to get onto a fixed price energy deal. You can also do your bit by looking into ways of reducing your energy consumption. Have you had your walls and loft insulated? If you are on benefits, or a pension, you can get this done free of charge!

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