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Energy prices go up, then they go down a bit

smart woman comparing energy pricesIt’s just all too confusing for many consumers. The reasons why, are even more confusing. With talk about reductions for green levy’s, (not the blue jean type) you don’t know whether you are coming or going.

I’m not going to bother explaining it, because you probably wouldn’t be interested anyway!

Who cares anyway? We just want cheaper energy bills.

So they try to keep us interested by showing how much cheaper it’s going to be over a year. Big deal, we save £50 a year – or less than £1 per week if you put it into the real perspective.

Energy prices have just risen by too much to make any amount of reduction look any good.

Can we do anything about energy prices ourselves?

Of course we can! But the sad fact remains, we just can’t be bothered. The truth of the matter is – cheaper energy prices are available to people who will take action themselves. This is great for the energy suppliers because they know that most people won’t bother.

What about the ones who do bother to get cheaper energy?

These are the smart movers. They are taking full advantage of the competitive energy market. This is not for people who just want to look at cheaper energy deals – this is for the doers – the one’s who actually do something about it.

Why are the cheaper energy prices not made available to everyone?

Have you ever bought something on the internet which was cheaper than in the shops? That’s just it, consumers who buy through the internet are looking for cheaper prices. It’s no surprise that the energy suppliers have noted this fact. If the energy suppliers showed their standard energy prices on the internet, it just wouldn’t be worth switching to another supplier. The internet prices are much cheaper, because the internet is very competitive.

These prices are not available to consumers who don’t bother switching, because the suppliers take advantage of consumers who don’t switch!

So why are energy prices so high these days?

We could just say, because the energy suppliers are greedy! But there’s more to it than that. Yes! They are greedy. But this is the fault of the consumer for not taking advantage of the deregulated energy market. This applies to everything and not just gas and electricity. For example – If you keep going to the same place to buy sugar at £1.20 a bag, instead of going to another shop where you can get it for 85 pence, your usual supplier will keep his price high because you continue to buy it from the same place!

So what about you? Are you a doer? Or are you going to continue the way you are now to keep energy prices high?

The power is in your own hands. Sort your own prices out by going through one of the energy comparison sites. Switch to a cheaper deal.

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