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Updated: 19th December 2017

Extraenergy is one of the new suppliers who took advantage of the privatisation of gas and, electricity markets.

Extraenergy, promise to deliver low energy prices.




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Who is Extra Energy?

Trading Address:

54 Hagley Road


England, B16 8PE


  • Neil Joseph Dodds
  • Mordechay Maurice Ben-Moshe

Switching to Extra Energy

This supplier does not provide a switching service through the comparison sites. If you want to give them a go, you will need to go to their own website.


Choosing a comparison site:

The safest option!

Ofgem, are the Governing body for comparison sites. All the comparison sites which are accredited by Ofgem are listed here.



Although you may be tempted to switch to the cheapest, please be careful.

It’s not always wise to buy the cheapest product you can find. This also applies to switching energy supplier. If customer service is important to you, the following suppliers have a longer track record.


  • EDF Energy
  • First:Utility
  • SSE
  • nPower
  • E.ON
  • OVO Energy
  • Sainsburys Energy
  • Co-op Energy
  • Scottish Power
  • British Gas

Ofgem Accredited Comparison Sites

If you are going to switch to a cheaper online energy deal, then use one of the Ofgem Accredited sites. They are governed by a strict set of rules which put the consumers needs first!


This is a full list of the Accredited sites

Comparison SiteOur RatingsStatusGo There
Energy Helplineget quotes
uSwitchget quotes
Energy Smart at Energylinxget quotes
The Energy Shopget quotes
My Utility Geniusget quotes
Simply Switchget quotes
Runpathget quotes
Unravel Itget quotes
Switch Gas & Electricget quotes
Moneysupermarketget quotes
Quotezoneget quotes

extraenergy reviews:

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Average rating:  
 685 reviews
by Dorian Williams on extraenergy review

I have been in dispute with them for 2 years even after the Ombudsman found in my favour. They tried to take £5,000 out of my account based on a direct debit mandate but as I did not have that amount in my account, it bounced. They continued trying to take that amount so I had to close my bank account. Finally it settled for £2,234 which was what I advised them at the beginning. They've still instructed debt collectors even though I've paid them. I've never in all my life experienced some charlatans. What you will find is that no one at the company knows anything and they just don't give a damn about customers.

by Leanne on extraenergy review

I had been an extra energy customer for over a year when all of a sudden my direct debit had increased 4 fold. After many phone calls and being promised a call back, which never happened, then being told lies, I had to stop my DD to get them to contact me, even then I was still being told lies, everybody seems to know nothing, after paying my bill in full I was now in credit, I then received a call to say that I had not paid my bill, and on one occasion of calling them the man I spoke with was very patronising, kept calling me love and was told to calm down. I am so pleased I have now left them. I strongly advise not to enter a contract with this company.

Absolute disgusting company

AVOID AT ALL COSTS.Extra Energy have taken from my 90 year old mother £907.80 which they will not pay back. Through their error on a meter reading they upped her direct debit to nearly £450 a month. This put her account into CREDIT of £907.80p. We have for 4 months tried to get this money back and they refuse to. Their most recent tactic was to email us and tell us they had repaid it ! Her bank has no record of this and today's energy bill from Extra Energy still states £907.80p IN CREDIT. They also still charge her £42 a month Direct Debit !They now end every call we make to them as soon as we give them the account number. Does not help either being Asian call centre. The language barrier is an issue at times.The service is appalling and in this case amounts to theft, fraud and lies.Please do not even consider them. Ofgem have then under investigation, as does the Ombudsman in our case.

Avoid at all costs!

Disgraceful behaviour.I struggle to find the words to describe how awful extra energy is. The customer service is so very poor it beggars belief that Ofgem has not closed them down. They owe me £758 in overpaid direct payments that they hiked up on bogus billing.I have tried to get the money repaid back and for 3 months they have denied it.The agents bare face lie to me, end calls in mid conversation, question my integrity and do everything they can to avoid answering my questions.Ofgem have informed me of my position and rights to the full repayment.I have taken legal advice and court action will be my next step if not finally resolved within 7 days.DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE USE THIS COMPANY. THERE IS SOMETHING VERY VERY WRONG WITH HOW THEY ARE TAKING LARGE AMOUNTS OF MONEY FROM CUSTOMERS.

Dreadful customer service

This company continued to charge me after I had officially changedTo another supplier. They have been sitting on £300 of my money for months and appear incapable of resolving the issue. I am furious

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