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Energylinx are accredited by the Ofgem confidence code

energylinx logoI visit all the Ofgem accredited comparison sites on a regular basis. The results of my review are based on the following criteria!

  1. Ease of use!
  2. Don’t ask for your full address, email or phone number just to get a quote!
  3. Shows all of the cheapest deals you can switch to!
  4. Customer service!
  5. Registered with EAS UK




The process to compare your energy prices

It should be a fairly straight forward process to get quotes for your gas and electricity. However, some of the comparison sites have made this more complicated by asking for too much information!

The only personal information you should have to provide, is your postcode. The reason for this, is because the energy suppliers charge different prices for different regions. So when you enter your postcode, you are simply letting the comparison site know which price region you are in!

Overall verdict for Energylinx

I was quite impressed with this comparison site. They tick all the right boxes. Their customer service was good, with accurate information on the tariff I was interested in!


1. Ease of use!1 star
2. Don’t ask for your full address, email or phone number just to get a quote!1 star
3. Shows all of the cheapest deals you can switch to!1 star
4. Customer service!1 star
5. Registered with EAS UK1 star
Overall Rating = Excellent
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by Martin on Energylinx review
Review by Martin

This is a top rated comparison site. Energylinx are an OFGEM Accredited Comparison Site and tick all the right boxes.


  • Kirstin Rhymer (#)
    September 18th, 2014

    Thank you for reviewing our website. You have scored us down for requesting the full address, when in fact the opposite should apply. The reason is that 10 years ago the energy market was quite simple and the only influence on price was the customer’s location within 14 electricity distribution areas. When that was the case then you only required the postcode to calculate a cost. Fast forward 10 years and you need the address to (1) ascertain whether the property is provided with gas via an IGT, (2) to help determine what the gas LDZ and/or Exit Zone is, the relevancy here is that many of the new suppliers price gas correctly and ignore the electricity distribution area – which really was an industry easy opt out when the industry was privatised and (3) to identify the IDNO if relevant.

    For our part and we make this exceptionally clear, carrying out a quote (Personal Projection) we never have it will record any address details for any form of marketing as I guess that is what the worry is here.

    We do hope that you will reconsider your review in light of our comments and look forward to hearing from you.


    Kirstin Rhymer

    • Martin Ramsey (#)
      September 18th, 2014

      Hi Kirstin. Many thanks for taking the time to respond to the review for energylinx. Whilst I’m certain that your reasons for requesting full address details are genuine, I’m not yet convinced that the other comparison sites are respecting the full privacy of their users. However, in light of your response, I will consider changing the format of my reviews in the near future!

      Kind regards
      Martin Ramsey (Founder EAS UK)

  • Martin Ramsey (#)
    June 13th, 2016

    We have revised the Energylinx comparison site today. I have always found Energylinx very good to use. Now they have made it even more straight forward.

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