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My energy bill this Winter

Big Winter bills again?

Winter bill saving imageNot for me thank you! I’ve got my bills all sorted out. I won’t allow the energy suppliers to rob me blind when I know there’s a better way to arrange my energy tariff.

So who sets your tariff?

You haven’t left this in the hands of your energy supplier, have you?

Never mind. If you have the incentive, perhaps you can arrange your own tariff before the Winter sets in!

Would you rather leave these things to your energy supplier?

No problem. Your current supplier will be happy to set your tariff and, take as much money from you as they want!

Or, how about setting your own tariff?

That would be a better idea. If I didn’t bother changing to a cheaper online tariff, I would still be paying the tariff which my supplier set. That means, my Winter bill would have been around £630. But because I arranged my own tariff online, it will now be in the region of £480.

So what’s it to be?

Can’t be bothered? Too much hassle? Don’t understand it? Honestly, it’s really easy. You just need an idea of how much you are using now, and which tariff you are currently on. If you don’t know which tariff you are on, it’s most likely Standard – That’s the expensive one.

What to do now!

Use one of the Ofgem accredited comparison sites, get quotes, switch to a better energy deal. It’s that simple!

Have a nice Christmas and, relax in the knowledge that you have achieved something!

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