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What happens when your discounted online tariff comes to an end

Many of the energy suppliers do a cheaper online energy tariff. But they all come to an end eventually!

light reduction imageSo what happens when your discounted tariff comes to an end?

Your energy supplier will put you on their Standard Energy Tariff. Standard energy is the most expensive! regular energy switchers normally get fresh quotes from a comparison site. Then go on to switch to a cheaper energy deal with another supplier!

The best energy deals?

I’m not going to list what I think are the best energy deals here. This should really be down to your own personal preference. Also, the energy suppliers offer different deals to different  areas of the UK.

Typical online energy tariff names:

Many of the tariff names and, versions of the tariffs change each month!

eon logo


  • E.ON Energy Fixed 1 year v6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
  • E.ON Energyplan
  • E.on Age UK
  • E.ON Energy Fixed 2 year v2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

extraenergy logo

  • Fresh Fixed Price Dec 2015 v1
  • Bright Fixed Price Nov 2015 v1
  • Secure Long Term Fixed Price Sept 2016 v1
  • Variable Price v1

firstutility logo

  • iSave Fixed November 2015 (v28) (v29) (v30) (v31) (v32) (v33) (v34) (v35)
  • iSave Fixed October 2016 (v20) (v21) (v22) (v23) (v24) (v25) (v26) (v27) (v28)
  • iSave Everyday v1, v2, v3, v4, v5
  • iSave Fixed January 2018 (v25) (v26) (v27) (v28) (v29) (v30) (v31) (v32) (v33) (v34) (v35)

ovoenergy logo

  • Better Energy Fixed (Online)
  • Greener Energy Fixed (All Online)
  • Better Energy Fixed
  • Simpler Energy (Online)
  • Greener Energy Fixed
  • Simpler Energy

sainsburys logo

  • Fixed Price November 2015
  • Fixed Price December 2015
  • Fix & Reward April 2016
  • Standard

greenstar logo

  • Rate Saver 12 Months 1410 (online billing)
  • Rate Saver 12 Months 1410
  • Rate Saver 24 Months 1410
  • Rate Saver 1408 (online billing)
  • Rate Saver 1408
  • Rate Saver 36 Months 1410

scottishpower logo

  • Online Fixed Price Energy December 2015
  • Help Beat Cancer Fixed Price Energy September 2016 Online
  • Help Beat Cancer Fixed Price Energy September 2016
  • Standard Online
  • Fixed Price Energy September 2017 online
  • Fixed Price Energy September 2017

npower logo

  • Online Price Fix November 2015
  • Price Fix February 2017
  • Intelligent Control October 2016
  • Standard

sse logo Southern Electric SWALEC

  • SSE Direct
  • Standard
  • Fixed Price Mar 17

co-operativeenergy logo

  • Fair & Square December 2015
  • Pioneer Variable

britishgas logo

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