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I received an email today from ExtraEnergy about the reviews we have on this website

martin imageAs this email is addressed to whom it may concern, (Even though my name, Martin Ramsey is attached to the post) I’m publicly posting it here.

The email is about the poor reviews we have received about ExtraEnergy!


To whom it may concern

We write in relation to an individual whose published a blog post on April 19th 2015 entitled “AVOID” under the username “Mani Parmar” (herein referred to as “the User”)

The User has impersonated a member of extraenergy’s senior management team and has stated that they are an employee of extraenergy. We are investigating the conduct of this employee and we would be very grateful for your assistance. We request that you delete this post with immediate effect.  We also request sight of any information that can be provided in order to assist us with our investigations and identify this individual. For commercial sensitivity reasons, we request that you do not disclose the nature of this complaint to the individual concerned. We reserve the right to make an application to Court to seek the disclosure of the details you hold on the User however, having considered the method by which users can post blogs on your site, we think it unlikely that you would be able to identify specific individuals in this case.

Whilst investigating the nature of this blog post, our attention was drawn to Energy Advisory Service’s Top Pages entitled “extraenergy Review”. We are concerned to note that a number of comments and reviews appear false and misleading which is unfairly tarnishing our reputation by its defamatory content. We request to seek the removal of the content listed below as these are considered defamatory content.

  • The reviews for switching process, customer service, billing and price

o   Unless it can be proved that these reviews have originated from a valid statistical source – please provide evidence of this

  • “…there will, invariably be a learning curve”
  • “…I don’t see how this one will differ much from the rest”
  • “But in all fairness to the other unheard of suppliers, they have all been making these price promises. Many of the new suppliers rarely hold on to their promises.”
  • “Because this company is so new, I would leave other consumers to suffer the consequences of their learning curve. I wouldn’t take the risk of joining them at this early stage. I would most likely go with the next cheapest supplier”.

These misleading and downright factually incorrect comments are lowering the opinion of extraenergy in the eyes of the consumer and may cause harm to the company’s reputation and cause the company severe financial harm.

We also request that you remove all images associated with the extraenergy brand, this is a trade mark of Extra Energy Supply Limited and you are unauthorised to use this without permission. We also request that with immediate effect, you remove the extraenergy statement which is not properly referenced and therefore plagiarised.

We are also concerned to note that extraenergy have been the only victim of a “review” by Energy Advisory Service UK and there is a perception that this is a biased attack on extraenergy, this amplifies our argument that this is detrimental to our reputation in the energy market.

We await your confirmation that the above has been actioned.

Faye Widdowson

Regulation and Compliance Manager


Response from Energy Advisory Service UK

  1. Due to the circumstances related to the “review” (Not blog post) by Mani Parmar, I have complied with the request to remove this review. It wouldn’t be credible for a senior member of staff to write such a review!
  2. I won’t be forwarding any personal information about any users of this website (It’s against our privacy policy)
  3. ExtraEnergy do appear in our top posts. This is a natural occurrence. Because ExtraEnergy are coming in amongst the cheapest suppliers on comparison sites, many consumers have been searching for reviews. This would place ExtraEnergy in our top posts section.
  4. I’m not aware of any false or misleading comments and, reviews on the post!
  5. What you class as “defamatory content”, will not be removed. These are generalised findings based on my own research and, experience in the energy markets!
  6. I have no doubt that these reviews are causing financial harm to ExtraEnergy
  7. ExtraEnergy Logo will be removed
  8. The statement that ExtraEnergy provided to comparison sites will be scored out
  9. This website contains more than 6000 pages of energy related information. This information is for the benefit of the consumer and, not the energy suppliers. We have many reviews on this site, mainly highlighting the various tariffs. We also have reviews for other energy suppliers. Here’s one, just to show that ExtraEnergy have not been singled out First:Utility Reviews

Additional Notes:

If ExtraEnergy was my company, I’d be concerned about the content of the reviews for them. I fully understand that sometimes some things can go wrong and, it can be difficult to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. I would address any issues that customers are not happy about and, make changes to put things right.

Also, I believe that reviews can be very unbalanced. In many cases, consumers will only leave a review when they are not happy about something. I do believe this to be the case with the ExtraEnergy reviews

I would invite my happy customers to leave a review to encourage a fairer balance!

I have nothing against this company, and wish them well!



  • Eddy (#)
    May 14th, 2015

    I was a customer of Extra Energy for 8 months, I have never received a bill even though they say on their website that a bill will be supplied every 6 months. I cancelled my direct debit with them in April and switched back to my old supplier. During the course of my time with Extra Energy I experienced the most appalling customer service e.g. No reply to emails complaining about not receiving a bill, service advisers giving me false names, also telling me it will be dealt with, then nothing happens. Telling me there is no record of my complaint. Not receiving a contract in a timely manner and giving the wrong gas meter reading during the initial switch. I am still awaiting a final bill along with many other customers who have taken to expressing their dissatisfaction via a well known forum. My personal opinion is that Extra Energy do provide cheap energy but when everyone switched to them, they could not cope, and they did not have the tools in place to deal with the increase in customers.

    If Extra Energy are feeling peeved about this report on the Energy Advisory Service website they might be some way to understanding how I feel about the poor service I have received from them.

  • Anne Meddick (#)
    July 15th, 2015

    Still trying to get a bill after joining EE last sept, in common with many more irate customers. Have now paid them £1440 which is the same monthly DD as my old account with EON. In what other area of business can a company take all this cash and not give you a bill. How are we to judge whether is it cheaper or not. This is not funny for us as we are in our 80’s.

  • Melina Tibs (#)
    August 25th, 2015

    A promise of cheaper fuel with EE but after just four months with them that promise fell flat my bill shoots up to £27.00 More for monthly duel fuel. I should have stayed with my old steady supplier who I would also get cash-back from and also great customer service which is non existent with EE . I too am a lone pensioner and cannot afford to pay more.

  • David (#)
    August 29th, 2015

    I moved 5 accounts to Extra Energy in March. (Now End of August). Only 3 appear on my online statement. 2 seem missing. Extra energy have assured me they have them and they will show when i get my first bill however i am still getting billed by previous supplier(s), I am trusting i will not be double billed.
    They also seem unable to change over a commercial one depsite being in possession of an email from previous supplier proving that i have terminated contract.
    Prices brilliant, customer service not so!
    Written this post while on hold, 25mins and counting.

  • Judi (#)
    August 29th, 2015

    I joined EE in October 2014. Received my first bill July 2015. It was incorrect and had increased my DD by almost £50 per month, without any meter reading. When I queried this I was told a new bill would be produced, but my bank statement shows that the larger amount has been taken from my account. I contacted EE once more and have been told that my DD will be returned to the original amount. On asking about the lack of billing information I was informed that an invoice takes 6-8 weeks to prepare due to a backlog the company is dealing with. They obviously don’t have sufficient staff as it takes forever to get through on the phone. Once connected to Customer Services they give all the right answers, but I’m waiting to see how long any action will take. I still have no idea whether I am better off with this company.

  • Bill (#)
    September 17th, 2015

    cancelled my contract with extra energy due to moving house they could supply me as new house had key meters fitted.
    Confirmed moving date supplied meter readings also had verbal confirmation that monthly D/D payments had left my final due bill would be covered by payments made to date.
    Despite many emails and very long calls to try and speak to the customer services they still took further D/D from my account, supply may be a bit cheaper but the agro is certainly not worth it

  • Chris Winters (#)
    September 22nd, 2015

    I would avoid this company at all cost, had issues with them as soon as I verbley accepted the contract, had to constantly chase them for for the contract information, they dont respond to emails or calls. I know find myself stuck with them for another 12 months on a higher rate. I believe an individual from there company contacted me just before the cancellation date offering me a better price which I accepted. I contacted them when I heard nothing back and they deny all knowledge of the call, by this time my termination period had expired and I now tied in another 12mths. The only thing they do get right 100% is taking your money. D yourselves a favour and avoid this company

  • Not happy (#)
    September 24th, 2015

    Wish I had come across these reviews before I signed up! Appalling lack of customer service which Ofgem should be investigating never had a bill from them until I sent an email demand after 10 months the bill I received was inaccurate and when I did finally manage to speak to somebody at EE they too were confused by the bill. Now waiting over a week for someone to get back to me and as for saving me money that’s laughable! My DD has been increased from £50 to £150 after initially being quoted £30. Impossible to understand bills, impossible to get though on the phone and you will never receive a response to emails. Stay well away if you prefer a stress free life!

  • robin evans (#)
    October 2nd, 2015

    I too have the same experience. Signed up in May – no bills and no response to email or phone answered – despite the usual our call is important !!! AVOID , AVOID. Will be speaking to Ofgem and my MP about disgusting service – so called competition at what cost to the consumer ??

  • ian ball (#)
    October 3rd, 2015

    Extraenergy should spend a bit more money sorting out their undeperforming Customer Services department and a lot less money paying Faye Widdowson’s salary. Ms Widdowson seems happy for Extraenergy to use the internet to tell everybody how good they are but then gets all upset when their own customers post fact based reviews clearly showing Extraenergy to be one of the UK’s worst energy suppliers. I base that last statement on my own experience with extraenergy and other energy companies and after reading the ever increasing number of negative reviews posted on numerous other websites about Extraenergy.

    Ms Widdowson should also be aware that one of many defences to any action for defamation is that the words complained of are true. Under that defence alone I would suggest that Extraenergy steer clear of making any further threats of potential court action.

  • G.A. Marques (#)
    October 5th, 2015

    Who is Extra Energy?

    I have spent a lot of time delving into the formation of Extra Energy. I have discovered that the company is based in Birmingham and is a branch of a well established German company.
    This may account for the poor quality of administration expected by its British customers.
    Having said that, the Germans are known for their efficiency and correctness, so the fault could be the local person or persons at this end running the company on behalf of its foreign owners.

  • Justin (#)
    October 14th, 2015

    I switched to them in March and have been paying them £59 monthly for electricity.

    I received a statement via email at the weekend which was accurate and based on an actual meter read. The statement showed me £8 in debit, so my Direct Debit seems around right.

    But… The statement also said that as of next month, my Direct Debit will increase to £108 monthly!

    I’m all electric here, with no mains gas, but I use Calor gas heaters for heat. So, Autumn and Winter wouldn’t impact my electric usage THAT much (maybe a little more usage for extra hours of lighting).

    So, I’ve phoned them tonight, and I got through to an operator after around 90 seconds of waiting. That’s REALLY not bad service at all.

    The operator was courteous, thorough, and bright enough. I didn’t get his name.

    He said that my request to recalculate my Direct Debit would be processed in five working days. I’ll check my email this time next week, and if there’s no confirmation I’ll call them again.

    Yeah, they’re obviously doubling EVERYBODY’S Direct Debit payments irrespective of realistic usage, which seems like a bit of a scam! But to be fair to them, I received an accurate statement after six months, based on an actual meter reading; They alerted me of the change to my Direct Debit a month before their planned change; Their call centre answered my call this evening REALLY quickly… And they ARE amazingly cheap!!!

    I might be calling them fit to burn this time next week, but for now I would still recommend them, purely on price.

    • Martin Ramsey
      Martin Ramsey (#)
      October 14th, 2015

      Hello Justin. Many thanks for your comment about the good service you have received from Extra Energy. Would you like to leave a review for them? You will find the link under additional notes above. They sure could use some positive feedback on this website!

  • Michael Michaelides (#)
    November 7th, 2015

    I have been with ExtraEnergy since March 2015 and have not received my Bill. Everytime i call which is every week, I get told that my bill is being generated and that they have escalated it. Now I keep getting told that I need to call back. My direct debit payments, calculated by them are now totalling £2,700 in credit. Wow. I need this bill so that I can manage my personal finances. This is not reasonable and will be reporting them to Ofgem. If I can, I will try to break the contract as they are not adhering to their side of the deal, but I doubt this will be likely and will need to stay with them until April 2016. Their energy was the cheapest and thats why I switched, but their customer services are appauling. I would always stay with a well known provider in future, even if it involves paying that little bit more.

  • Andy Dowden (#)
    November 24th, 2015

    Extra Energy failed to cancel my contract and as such auto enrolled me into another 12 month contract at an extremely extortionate rate. With no option to adjust rate, cancel contract or move. I am now paying over double my original standard rate and my energy bill has increased by over £500. This is 35% higher than my previous year, and not remotely competitive with the rest of the market. This is obviously a well thought out policy by them to trap existing customers by auto enrolling them into an extremely high tariff. Any correspondents with Extra Energy was totally fruitless. I would advise everyone thinking of switching to this new energy provider to avoid them at all cost. Companies like this should be closed down!!!

    • Martin Ramsey
      Martin Ramsey (#)
      November 24th, 2015

      Hi Andy. Is this a commercial contract? Or is it for domestic energy?

  • John Thompson (#)
    December 8th, 2015

    I left extraenergy in October received no no final bill so contacted them on November 2nd. I got a final bill where I am owed £545 which says will be paid by back into my account 15th November. Still not received a penny. Chased them up girl on the line can only apologise as they have a back log. Using their own complaints section goesinto a black hole. Wish I had never signed up to them

  • hamwic81 (#)
    December 23rd, 2015

    My heart just sank into deep murky waters having just read all the reviews on this site about extra energy, all the issues people mention have occurred to me and naively i thought i was just a one off!! I signed up to extra energy a year ago and to this day i have not had a bill. I flagged this issue up 2 months ago and to this day ‘no one’ from their complaints dept has bothered to call me up. Nearly every week i have been calling them to get updates and clearly they have a billing system issue that they just wont admit but are trying to wash over and fool the British public. According to them they have a complaints procedure where they must call you within 2 weeks!!. The letter you received from extra energy just makes me more angry given the issues that myself and others who have also left comments have experienced. They may well be cheap but it just goes to show there’s clearly a reason for this. I hear comments about giving extra energy some slack for being a startup supplier but i’m sorry if they were not ready to delivery a service then they should not have entered the market and use our money to correct their mistakes. We should avoid using extra energy until they offer a better service under new management

  • Victor M (#)
    December 30th, 2015

    Before anyone thinks of joining Extra Energy they should call customer services and listen to music for twenty mins. Then phone for a price quote as a new customer and you will get an answer in two or three rings.When your D/D goes from £180 to £222 per month with no warning and without any billing information,try phoning customer service and it will be music for ever.

  • David Darley (#)
    January 4th, 2016

    We switched to EE in April 2014, both gas and electricity, on what I believed was a 12 month contract, at £128 a month. In August they sent a letter stating that my contract was ending, and the tariff was changing to £296 a month. Here I am now the idiot – believing I’d signed for a year, I ignored it. Turns out that if you do not respond they automatically switch you to their most expensive tariff, namely £296 a month. Then I didn’t check my bank statements. Then failed to spot that no bills were coming through, which from this site appears to be EE’s norm. Still admitting to my being a twit, when I did realise my error, I switched suppliers at end September 2015. I was then in credit by £742.61. So I waited. And waited. An email said I would be repaid. On 11 Dec I phoned to ask for my money. “It will be in about six weeks”. I said that was not acceptable. They said it would then be on or around 24 Dec 2015, and sent a confirmatory email. Its now 4th Jan 2016 – no money. I phoned today and waited 50 minutes until I was answered. Another 3 weeks, I was told. Not acceptable I replied. My man contacted his manager – Glasgow Billing team manager Shannon Horgan. Message relayed from him was to expect my money in about six days. I’m not holding my breath. Would I recommend Extra Energy? Er, no, I don’t think so. Mind you, one good thing has come out of it: it’s taught me not to be so stupid, gullible and trusting in future. A bit too late, though!

  • Bill Phelps (#)
    January 5th, 2016

    Left EE on 24th February and heard nothing about an outstanding bill until 9 months later. Said I could register to see the bill but their system would not allow that using the account number that was provided. I tried to register a phone complaint but couldn’t understand how they were going to show me a bill over the phone. So I registered a complaint with their CEO, that was not acknowledged. I then received an email threatening my credit rating on 21st December. Complained again and this time received acknowledgment that they would deal with my complaint. The result was a red threatening email. Wrote with my complaint to the EE CEO, Mr Ben-Moshe, by recorded post. How can I pay a bill that I have not, and cannot, see. perhaps they’ll tell me.

  • David Darley (#)
    January 11th, 2016

    Update to 4 Jan report. Summary: supplies stopped 29 Oct 2015. Final invoice dated 14 Dec 2015. In credit by £742.61 followed by this statement “We will refund this amount by direct debit on or around 24/12/2015”. On 4 Jan I phoned and after 50 minutes was told to expect payment in 6 days . Today is 6 days later, no money. Phone call today lasting 1 hour 11 minutes had this result. Glasgow Billing Team Manager Ms Shannon Hogan (Ext 586354) declined to speak to me, and directed the man speaking to me to raise this with the Birmingham Payments Office. They told him they’d received the final invoice on 29 December 2015 and it would take 28 working days to process. This is 5 days after EE said I would be reimbursed; yet the process still hadn’t begun.
    I was offered the chance of raising a Formal Complaint. This will put the whole show on hold, but I was told that it would be done today, and by law the Complaints Dept must respond in 10 days. I would be assigned a real person with their own separate direct line number, who’d contact me by phone to resolve this to my satisfaction. Being an internal message to Complaints Dept, I could not be sent any copy of this form, nor any details of if/when/to whom it was being sent. So on trust once again, and everything frozen for 10 more days. At least. If lucky, I might see my money in April. Or more likely, never.
    In life, you get what you pay for. The cheapest deal comes at a price, so avoid Extra Energy like the Plague.

  • Asa Roberts (#)
    January 15th, 2016

    I have been a customer of Extra Energy for well over a year now.I was told during the initial call from Extra Energy that they would be massively reducing my bill from £30 British Gas to £7 Extra Energy. This was due to the massive profit British Gas and ‘The Big 4’ were extorting from its consumers. That British Gas spends millions on advertising and that Extra Energy did not. That because I was a business account holder, I could save even more money even if I just use my Electricity for washing my work clothes etc.
    Upon hearing about this fantastic saving, I forgave the clumsiness of the Brummy that was issuing these bold statements and fumbling for the correct standing charge, then, I immediately signed up.

    Upon opening the contract with them i was promised that Contract details and information would be sent through the post upon special request due to internet unreliability at my home. Was this honored? No.

    A few months later as I am looking at my bill, I notice that i have been charged on average £50 per month over the quarter.
    I contacted Extra Energy somewhat confused, Waited around half an hour to hear a human’s voice. When I finally did, they said they would ‘look into it’.
    Did they honor this? No.
    A few months later, I experienced the same thing with my bill. Contacted them, ‘Sorry Mr Roberts, We will look into it.’
    Still nothing.

    I have opened up a new complaint and have been promised that it will be resolved within ten working days.

    If anyone has any advice on what to say and how to say it, I would greatly appreciate it.

  • Thijs (#)
    January 16th, 2016

    16 days after our plan had ended, we received an email that our plan would rise by about 200 pounds per year, that this was already put in motion and that our first DD for the new amount would go out in a few days.
    5 minutes later, we were with a new provider.

  • (#)
    February 2nd, 2016

    with ex.en. comms very poor indeed. How to break free and get back to an energy company that will send me a printed bill?
    Good luck people !!

  • Andy Pettey (#)
    August 2nd, 2016

    In 40 years of home ownership and running a company I can honestly say that this companies customer service is the worst I have ever encountered.

    A total inability to read.

    A total inability to recognise a complaint and still give the same non answers.

    For two months now I have had issues with them because they wanted to double the cost of my direct debit – based their increase on the basis of the two highest quarters in a year – making no allowance for summer useage or solar panels


  • Alan Ravensdale (#)
    August 8th, 2016

    Left ExtraEnergy on 12/9/15 it has taken 10 months to get a final bill and a refund.I chased customer services from October until January 2016.No action.Then tried customer complaints. Lots of promises that it would take a short while. Still nothing so tried to contact Head of Customer Services. Could not do this by phone so wrote to them. STILL no action so contacted the Ombudsman service with the details of what had gone on.They have at last got Extra Energy to give me my bill and a refund. I would advise anyone unlucky to be a customer with a problem to quickly move through their complaints procedure because until you can ask the Ombudsman to take up your case nothing will ever happen. Best of luck.

  • I.T. Anslow (#)
    August 25th, 2016

    I was a customer of Extra Energy for 18 months until October 2015. In that time I had to ask the Ombudsman on 3 occasions to sort out problems with non-answering of telephone or email, no receipt of bill after 6 months, (fined £50.)non-return of overpayment of £96, (fined £50.) which they held on to until end of February 2016. The Extra Energy logo is apt as they put extra energy into ensuring the customer gets a really bad deal in their involvement with this Company.

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