British Gas price reduction 2015

I love the way British Gas make their adverts all sound so jolly

They make it sound as though they are doing their customers a good turn – Nothing could be further from the truth.

I’m not sure whether I should loath British Gas or, Admire them!

They take full advantage of their loyal customers who don’t have the mind, nor the initiative to shop around themselves for a cheaper energy deal. But wait – it gets better. British Gas are clever enough to get their market share in both ends of the market.

What do you mean? both ends of the market!

I’m glad I mentioned that – What I mean is:

There is the market for loyal customers who stick with this supplier through thick and thin, no matter how much they are charging you for your energy bill. Then there’s the market for consumers who take the initiative to switch to an online energy deal.

British gas have farmed out their cheaper online energy deal to their energy partner, Sainsburys.

So there you have it – British Gas just can’t lose

Would I switch to a Sainsburys energy tariff?

Definitely not. Purely on principal of British Gas taking the absolute p**s out of their customers. I would switch to a more stable low cost online tariff with first:Utility . That way, I know I’m guaranteed constantly lower energy bills and, I wouldn’t be feeding the beast (British Gas)


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