Daffodil bulb

Because you have taken the initiative to switch to a cheaper online energy deal, we would like to help you save a bit more money on your energy bills. We are giving away one of these fantastic, stylish energy saving bulbs to everyone who switches to a new supplier.

daffodil bulb


    • Auto PIR motion detection for light on/off, only allows the light to be activated on when the ambient light is low or dark and people get close to it (5-8 meters). Low working voltage, good colour saturation.
    • Energy saving: Just 20% the Power consumption of the traditional incandescent lamp. Only you will notice the difference- in your electricity bill.
    • Environmental protection: Adopting high quality LED as light source, low heat, no RF interference, no flash, can protect your eyes and brains.
    • Best Value for Money: Other incandescent and CFL bulbs are cheaper, but burn out a lot faster. Our LED bulb life is over 10 times longer than those fluorescent lamps.
    • Secure and Reliable: E27 base, safe power interface, easy to install and dismantle, wide application range-home, bedroom, household corridor, veranda, balcony, toilets, exhibition hall, stairs, etc.


How to get one for free

Just leave your name and address in the comments area below (No one, but us will see this) We won’t use your details for anything other than sending your bulb to you.

Then use one of the links on this page to visit the supplier or OFGEM accredited comparison sites to switch your supplier. These links are tracked back to this page, so when you give us your address details, then switch supplier after clicking one of these links, we will know it is a genuine switch.
If you already Know which supplier you are going to switch to, then please click on that suppliers link after you have submitted your name and address details.



  1. Leave your name and address in comments below.
  2. Click a link on this page for your chosen supplier, or the comparison site at the bottom.
  3. switch your supplier for a cheaper energy deal
  4. We will then send your bulb.


 About this offer

This offer is made available through Energy Advisory Services energy saving initiative. Because we have a limited number of these bulbs, we can only send them to genuine energy switchers. We can only track your energy switch if you follow the process above. Please allow up to 28 days to receive your free gift.

Further information

Please don’t leave your details unless you are going to switch your supplier after clicking one of the links above. We receive a small payment from the energy supplier or comparison site when you switch after clicking one of these links. these payments go toward the upkeep of this website and, allow us to give away free gifts to energy switchers!



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