Will I really save money by switching energy supplier?

Is it a wise move to switch energy supplier?

  1. I switched before, but was no better off in the long run.Martin
  2. It’s a load of hassle switching supplier.
  3. I’ve heard too many nightmare stories.
  4. I’m happy where I am!

I understand your reasons for not wanting to switch, but!

  1. If you previously switched your energy supplier and, found no benefit, Did you do this off your own back through an energy comparison site? Or did someone from an energy company tell you they will give you a better deal? The only way to know for sure if you are getting the best deal, is to compare prices yourself through an energy comparison site!
  2. It’s very straight forward switching your supplier these days. The problems associated with switching your supplier in the early days have all been ironed out. The supplier handles the whole switching process for you. The only thing you need to do is provide your meter readings!
  3. I can understand about the nightmare stories and, this still happens today. However, in the majority of cases, the whole process is painless. You can avoid any nightmares by checking with us before you switch to a new tariff!
  4. Okay, so you are happy where you are! But there is someone who is even happier about where you are – Your current energy supplier! Energy suppliers just love loyal customers. They are so confident that you won’t switch supplier, that they keep you on their most expensive tariff!

Still can’t be bothered?

How about if I tell you, you are going to make £200 an hour for the next hour – This is about what it amounts to if you take a little time to get quotes from a comparison site.

Give it a try. Just enter your postcode here to see how much you will save.

Once you have found your best price, come back here for advice on your chosen tariff. We will let you know if it’s a wise move or not! Use the form below to give us some more information. Put as much in the comment area as you can, such as your energy supplier, your energy usage. We will then send you a personal message with our suggestions based on the energy suppliers performance and the tariffs.

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